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ZetaTalk: Proto- Hybrids
Note: written Dec 15, 1995

Prior to beginning the hybrid program in earnest, we did preliminary experimentation. We knew that the Earth in all likelihood would vote to become a home for those in the Service-to-Other orientation. We knew that if this occurred that the Zeta genetics, being compatible with humans, was a strong candidate for hybrid production. So we prepared ourselves for the task ahead, some thousands of years ago. Our early attempts were failures and died in infancy due to nutritional problems. Soon our proto-hybrids were living into adulthood and data gathering was in full swing. Incarnation into the proto-hybrids was on a volunteer basis, as some distress was anticipated.

Digestive problems were continuously smoothed, and are still being addressed. Early proto-hybrids had many nutritional problems which required supplemental nutritional aids. Many of our problems were due to the high standards set by ourselves regarding digestion. No farting, no burping, no fainting from low blood sugar, and no tendency to get fat. We have achieved our goals in this regard.

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