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2005 Report

In concert with the development of the docudrama, a well-documented report has been released. The United Kingdom’s Geological Society Working Group — comprised of Bristol University’s Professor Stephen Sparks, Open University’s Professor Stephen Self and Dr. Hazel Rymer, Cambridge University’s Dr. David Pyle and Dr. Clive Oppenheimer, and University of Wales, Aberystwyth’s Dr. John Grattan — has published the report “Super-Eruptions: Global Effects and Future Threats.” With more than 9,000 members, the Geological Society of London is the United Kingdom’s national society for geoscience and the largest in Europe. Their investigation not only expounds on information presented in the docudrama and the subsequent scientific epilogue, but also presents further proof that a super-eruption could happen and offers next steps for conducting more research and developing a contingency plan for such a disaster. The paper can be read in its entirety at
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