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Signs of the Times #124 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Mt. Rainier and Glacier Peak (another in the Cascade range) have been experiencing hundreds of micro quakes for a couple of months now. These quakes [July 20, 2003] are occuring near the summit and are an indication of magma being pushed toward the surface. Question is, why isn´t the USGS reporting this? [and from another poster] Today I noticed something from the cone on top that struck my attention immediately. What I saw is what appeared to be an ash spew across the snow on the upper cone. I know what an ash spew looks like. I remember vividly what the cone of Mount Saint Helens looked like when it began spitting up. The top of Mount Rainier looks just like that to me. [and from another poster] Yellowstone is seen from space with infrared as a glowing cauldron. [and from another poster] I’ve been watching supervolcano Yellowstone for about a decade now. There is much evidence that it is waking up once again. There are extensive reports about extremely regular geysers in the park altering their schedules over the past few years. Other geysers that used to erupt once every few years have started to release pressure annually or even more often.
Signs of the Times #144
‘Something's cooking in Yellowstone National Park [July 27, 2003], and it's not just the weather. ... The ground temperature has risen to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in places, hot enough to boil water at Yellowstone's altitude. That's also hot enough to cook eggs on the ground, not to mention kill trees and other plants. Things are changing rapidly enough that the National Park Service has closed about half of the famous geyser basin to visitors due to safety concerns. ... The increased activity was first noticed July 11.’
Signs of the Times #158
Star-Tribune Aug 02, 2003 ‘Ground deformation has been detected by satellite radar interferometry research by Chuck Wick in Menlo Park, Calif., as well as by seismic research by University of Utah´s Bob Smith. Activity in and around the Norris Basin has been picking up, Heasler said, including a new 750-meter line of fumeroles - holes which give off hot gases. ... In the past 2.1 million years, Yellowstone has produced three very large caldera-producing explosions -- the last 640,000 years ago. The three caldera-forming eruptions, respectively, were about 2,500, 280, and 1,000 times larger than the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State.’
Signs of the Times #229 (via email to Nancy)
Yellowstone has been highly active during the 12 hour Face-to-Dark time when the Atlantic Rift faces Planet X and is being tugged back, for several days. Madison River, Yellowstone Park, WY charts for Aug 27-29 show this clear pattern. Rotational Surging is caused by the Atlantic Rift being grabbed at the Dawn point, 6:00 UTC, and pulled forward rapidly to the Face point, 12:00 UTC where it is gripped and held, tugged back as it tries to escape at the Dusk point, 18:00 UTC. This activity would cause a pileup along the Continental Divide, shown on these Yellowstone charts.
Signs of the Times #241 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Just got back [Sep 2] from a weeks stay in Yellowstone. A lot more camping areas have been closed off besides around the Lake. The fish are floating dead in the streams, and the lake is closed. A very strong smell of H2SO4 (sulfur). People were leaving due to smell. [and from another poster] There is a large dead zone of animals and vegetation. Immediately outside this dead zone, vegetation has stopped growing and animals are migrating out of the area. New geysers and mud pots are springing up daily. You can physically see the ground bulging up, not only at Yellowstone Lake, but in several places in the park. They have closed more areas to the public than is being reported.
Signs of the Times #268
Supervolcanoes, BBC Feb 3, 2000 ‘The magma chamber we found extends basically beneath the entire caldera. It´s maybe 40-50 kilometres long, maybe 20 kilometres wide and it has a thickness of about 10 kilometres. So it´s a giant in volume and essentially encompasses a half or a third of the area beneath Yellowstone National Park. ... The magma chamber was enormous. If it erupted it would be devastating. To discover the extent of the devastation scientists had to understand the force of the eruption. The clues to this could be found in a much smaller volcano halfway across the world: the Greek island of Santorini. The eruption here 3,500 years ago, although not VEI8 in scale, did have a small magma chamber.’
Signs of the Times #335
Kansas City Star [Oct 7, 2003] ‘Some urge government engineers to gradually vent steam and magma by drilling, rather than wait for a seemingly imminent, giant and calamitous blast. ... Drilling here would spoil the natural setting of the world´s first national park in 1872, said park geologist Hank Heasler. ... What´s more, he said, it would do no good. The magma chamber miles below the park is mostly like a hardened sponge and is essentially self-sealing. ... While scientists were scanning the lake with sonar equipment in September 2003, one long-time Yellowstone researcher noticed an especially strong sulfur scent rising from bubbles in the water. He´d spent years on the lake but never noticed the smell to be so strong. ... Meantime, there was a shift this year in the baffling water table at the Norris geyser basin about 20 miles away -- leaving some former bubbling areas dry and creating neon green pools elsewhere that can scald to death wayward bison. ... With at least one long-dormant geyser spitting to life near a trail, the park was forced to shut off a large portion of the boardwalk that winds through the steamy plateaus.'
Signs of the Times #470 (via email to Nancy)
Mt. Sheridan seiso at Yellowstone has been shut down. USGS showed a large quake there [Nov 15, 2003] but it disappeared 5 mins later and then the seiso went down, Why? [and from another source] 6.7 in Poland [Nov 17] 17Nov2003 06:43:11.3 52.0N 17.0E 0 ML=6.7 M LDG POLAND 0719 Funny though, that it wouldn´t show any other monitoring sites picking it up, just the Poland site. An EQ in poland is a very rare thing. [Note: Alaska noted a 7.9 quake a few hours later, but dropping a 6.7 shows extreme under reporting.]
Signs of the Times #498 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The Indians have announced they had a big meeting and they believed it was no longer safe to be in the Seattle area. In Yellowstone they have followed the lead of the animals who have vacated the area. It is only in the danger zone I believe 600 miles surrounding the Park. In Seattle is was not difficult to make that decision as thumping has been heard under the ground and it sounded like the ancient drums near the villages which is the final warning the Indians said they were expecting. The ancestors left prophecies and drumming was the signal.
Signs of the Times #549 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
According to the USGS, the latest update for Yellowstone earthquakes is: ‘Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:00:02 MST 2003, which is 13:00:02 UT’ according to the following site: This means they are 11 hours 4 minutes late in reporting the earthquake swarm that hit Yelloswtone on Wed Dec 17 at 1:58 UT. These earthquakes can be seen at: It´s worse if you include the earthquakes that occurred at 15:50 and 22:05 on the 16th. For an area under as much scrutiny as Yellowstone, this is totally uncomprehensible.
Signs of the Times #590
If anyone checks on Cascade volcanic/seismic activity [Jan 4, 2004] they can forget about it. Sites and graphs are now so severely altered that you can find out nothing. All stations for the early part of Jan 4 are totally blank. [and from another source] An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 rattled Jackson, Wyoming early on Wednesday [Jan 7], according to a report from the U.S. Geological Survey. It was followed by quakes of 3.7, 4.1 and 4.0, and a number of smaller temblors below 3.0. The last in the series was reported at 2:23 a.m. [and from another source] Jackson, WY - 4.7, 4.1, 4.0 this is not normal, and how close to Yellowstone? Really weird, the live seismic is too quiet, wonder if they are down, doesn´t even show the Wyoming quakes, shows nothing anywhere, not possible. Have not seen anything this major at Yellowstone in the year I´ve been watching.
Signs of the Times #600
'The American people are not being told that the explosion of this ´super volcano´ could happen at any moment. When Yellowstone does blow, some geologists predict that every living thing within six hundred miles is likely to die. The movement of magma has been detected just three-tenths of a mile below the bulging surface of the ground in Yellowstone raising concerns that this super volcano may erupt soon.' [and from another source] I live in Kelly Wy. The quake yesterday was alot bigger then they are saying. I´ve felt two more aftershocks this morning that are not on the USGS. I believe they shut the siemso down again. [and from another source] 'Some Jackson residents woke up with a jolt this morning. An earthquake resitering a magnitude of 5.0 hit around one o’clock in the morning about 20 miles ENE of Jackson. Waveryly Person, Geophysicist of the USGS says three other quakes followed until 2:30 in the morning.'
Signs of the Times #651
On Feb 6-7, the anticipated Sweeping Arm of the Sun came days early, with Dark Side quakes. [and from another source] On this USGS site, at least 21 sites are closed ‘sorry telemetry for this station unavailable’ that is a bit extreme to say the least. This happened to me at 10:34 AM, PST here in California [Feb. 4, 2004]. And, the site Red Puma is now being affected by the censure/lack of reporting problem. The 6.0 earthquake in Indonesia yesterday was not reported until today, and then downgraded to a 5.9 on the USGS system, but a 6.0 on the Red Puma site. [and from another source] A 5.3 earthquake has just hit near Yellowstone Park [Feb 7] The USGS must have NEVER expected the ESMC to pick up this quake and list it on their site! What else is the USGS not telling us about Yellowstone? 2004/02/06 19:03:33.3 43.5N 105.1W 264 mb5.3 A NEIA WYOMING
Signs of the Times #783
Montana has been hit again with an unusual 3.4 following a 3.0. Yellowstone has started swarming. There was a 2.5 last night under Mt Rainer [and from another source] ‘Increased quake activity in western Montana. Lucky to see one 3 pointer in 6 months there has now been two in as many days. Yellowstone seems to be swarming in one spot as well with 21 in the last few days in one spot.’ [and from another source] Incredible Yellowstone Update ‘As of the 14th of April, the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (YVO),reported that during March 2004, 72 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone region. Earthquake activity in the Yellowstone region is at background levels. [Note: Under reporting of worrysome quakes under USA West Coast volcanoes continues.]
Signs of the Times #814
Yellowstone Seismos not reporting for days [Apr 26, 2004] I have been watching the daily sesimo graphs for some time, since the Caldera situation has been made known to the general public. In particular, the Madison River graph seemed to have a fairly regular and prolonged disturbance starting at 6 am local time that lasted for several hours. Now, for some unknown reason, the seismos for Madison River and Norris Junstion have stopped reporting for several days now. [and from another source] Some of the Madison River graphs have reappeared for dates after 4/23, but they are either all blank or half blank. Norris Junction graphs are still non-existent past 4/20.
Signs of the Times #1163
Global Quakes in sweep sets continued with an Oct 5 Big accompanied by Colorado fireballs and Volcanoes restlessness and Virginia sinkhole and followed by an Oct 7 Big. [and from another source] The following link is maintained by the School of Mines in southwestern Montana which monitors 56 seismos and provides them to the public. As of last night [10/5], it stopped updating. One of the Seismos it was monitoring was for Yellowstone Lake. In May of last year that seismo was no longer available for public viewing. The historical data, however, remained on the page. About a week ago, Indian Meadows Wyoming which was situated just above Yellowstone Lake showed a steady, marked increase in activity that was becoming quite loud. It did not abate when Mount St. Helens sneezed last Friday. Two days ago I went to check and the Indian Meadows as well as two other Seismos in Idaho had not only been disconnected but their historical data erased! [and from another source] Temblors increase at Mexico's Volcano of Fire as lava eruptions continue [Oct 6, 2004] Western Mexico's Volcano of Fire showed increased seismic activity Wednesday, as swarms of small temblors accompanied continued eruptions of thick, block-like lava, vapour and ash.