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Volcanic Activity, April 6-20, 2005

Hundreds Flee as Comoros Volcano Erupts, Spews Ash [Apr 17]
The 7,746-foot Mount Karthala and its forested slopes form most of the land mass of Grande Comore, the main island in the Comoros chain which lies 300 km (190 miles) off east Africa.
Quakes prompt Volcano Alert [Apr 15]
Indonesia scientists have placed 11 volcanoes under close watch. Mount Talang on Sumatra island, where hot ash has been raining down. Krakatoa was put on alert status amid warnings of poisonous gas emissions. Tangkuban Perahu, near the west Java city of Bandung.
Geothermal eruption in New Zealand paddock leaves big crater [Apr 20]
A cloud of steam and water blasted out of a New Zealand paddock, hurling rocks, scaring cows and leaving a 50-meter (165-foot) crater in one of the area's biggest geothermal eruptions in a half-century, witnesses said Wednesday.