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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
June 29, 2005
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The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link

NANCY: Hey, I'm so happy to be back, and I promise to be brief with the Kolbrin. This is a book that's available from Marshal Masters on YOWUSA for $4.95 as an ebook, and anyone that wants a lot more detail, I have done some digging around and transcribed parts of it. It talks about the Flood (3 poles shifts back), the Exodus (which was last time, about 1600 BC, that was the Jewish Exodus time, blood red river, etc.), and it talks in prophecy about what to expect this time around. This matches up with stuff that I've gotten from the Bible (the Book of Exodus) the Talmud (an Islamic document), and what ZetaTalk has stated from the start. Now, there's like 6 different stages that I can see, and we've already got evidence of the first three. I'm going to briefly go through them. I had been looking for months, and I've rung my hands about this and done my best with the Bible and prophecies such as Edgar Cayce to see what I could determine about the steps and stages and how quickly this occurs, and how long we linger here, that type of thing. But the Kolbrin is truly filling out those blanks, and I was thrilled to find it. Now what do they say.

The first thing was signs in the sky such as the Sun and the Moon and Earth wobble. A description of the Flood is that the Moon had gold and copper tresses streaming out and moved across the sky kind of swiftly. For the Exodus, they just say 'strange omens in the skies'. And they talk about 'it comes softly', you have to watch the stars and the heavens. In other words, the constellations move around, a strange red light in the sky, and like the Book of Enoch has said, we went through this on a former Lou Gentile show, 'the Moon shall alter her orbit, and the stars shall alter their orbits and tasks'. We're kind of there. We have orbit irregularities that I've gotten as best I can on my website. And by the way, according to the Book of Kolbrin, this is the sign that Noah took to say 'I must begin building my arc', when the Moon's behavior and color change. So if you guys are going to build an arc, start.

The second sign is, blood red rivers and a red light in the sky. We are not there yet. The real blood red rivers. We're having some red dust, like, in the bird bath, on the patio furniture, making the Moon blood red, but this just kind of like foreplay. And a fire red dragon. And by the way, they talk about this coming from the Sun. And we have talked forever about the fact that it came in from Orion and is rounding the Sun. We got stalled on Dec of 2003. And it's coming at us now. And we're like trapped as it's coming toward us because of particle flows, which we cannot see, like the solar wind, but are like water, so that we're in an eddy flow. From the Sun, says the Kolbrin, and very dramatic where it even disguises the Sun, it's so big. All the dust cloud and debris, writhing. Very, very clearly describes, how it coils around and changes, a horrifying, frightening appearance. Well, we're not there yet, we don't have that guy, that's the next stage to be expected.

Third stage, days of darkness, like the 3 days of darkness which the Bible prophecies, severe wobble and sloshing and stopping rotation. It's described for the Exodus and going forward, 'there will be a day of darkness', in the Kolbrin. And the Talmud says '7 days before the deluge the Holy One changed per primal order and the Sun rose in the West and set in the East'. What I'm getting from this is that the 3 days of darkness and the Sun rising in the West, which Islamic literature predicts, is going to come pretty closely. Just ahead of rotation stoppage and the pole shift, like maybe 3 bad weeks. And I was looking for clues as to that timing. It all seems to happen almost at once, like it takes us by surprise. There is it in the sky, there's the red dust, making the rivers blood red, which the Zetas say only happens a week or two ahead of the pole shift. And then we get 3 days of darkness and then sunrise West. Boom, 1, 2, 3, and not months going past. Well, we're not there. We do have a documentable wobble, but we're certainly not having days of darkness and sunrise West.

Then these next 3, are future. Pole shift, the Earth stops rotating. And this is because, for one thing, this planet is in a retrograde rotation, and we are in a normal grade rotation, and they clash, something that shows up in crop circles when they have something that looks like snakes intertwining. This is trying to say this alternate rotation is in a clash. It's a big magnet, we're a little magnet, it stops our rotation. With huge earthquakes, and rotation returns quickly, something the Zetas have said within a day, but an awful lot of volcanic dust. To the point where, for instance, the Kolbrin says 'the dew of death will fall softly as a gray carpet and men go mad' from this. Especially I'm sure in Egypt and those areas where they have a lot of volcanoes around Italy and the like.

Afterwards, Mad Max gangs. This is the last step. Where migrating people will come into civilized areas and be Mad Max and brutal. Happened in Egypt during the Jewish Exodus. And there were tortured people and enslaved people. They're not sure if they were Arabs or like a Genghis Kong gang that came in. And it turns out, according to the Kolbrin, that the Pharaoh at that time fled into the sands and lived a goodly life walking around writing his books out there. He went to rural areas. This is something I'm always saying - go rural. OK, if you want more explanation, and the links, got to that 'Lou!', it's all there. All the links, and all the detail transcript from the Kolbrin where I could find definite references, and I recommend people go through that, as well as other prophecies that we've talked about on the Lou Gentile show. Such as Edgar Cayce, in January, we talked how closely one of his predictions on when the pole shift, that the Earth change were starting, ripping up in the South Seas…

LOU: [Who was talking to Edgar Cayce, was it the Zetas?]

NANCY: Do you want to ask the Zetas that? Here's what they say:

It was not ourselves, but as we have mentioned, there are about 1,000 different life forms, in 40 different groups, in attendance at Earth during this Transformation time, and that also includes Edgar Cayce's life time. If we were to describe what those contacts and the spirits that were around him looked like, that were aiding him, going in, in a spiritual manner into the bodies of those he was trying to assist, and saying 'we have the body', which is a spiritual exploration of the physical, you would be horrified. They were not hominoid. They were not even mamalian. They were a life form that we best leave undescribed. But it does not matter. They were of the Service-to-Other orientation, they cared. And that's what really lasts, and that's what really matters.

End of ZetaTalk. So something weird. In my website on ZetaTalk. If you go into the Worlds section, and various life forms, or Visitation, Life Form Orientations. Boy, I'm telling you, some of them, one was like a big amoebae that was on the floor, had no bone structure at all, and it just kind of flowed around my ankles, but when it did, it touched my ankles, I was understanding what it was trying to communicate. Not in language, but its concepts came through. So they can get pretty weird.

And the last thing I want to touch on before we start taking phone calls and the like. Every month I try to A little bit about survival techniques. In February we did water distillation and making huts. In March, how to make wood gas and what to do when the toilet paper runs out. And In April, making soap and Vitamin C and how to spin and weave. And in May we had that terrible yucky thing about eating bugs and recharing 12V batteries on a bike. And now in June I just want to mention hand tools and saving seed. Hand tools do not require electricity, and you can get these at yard sales, you can even buy them new. You can get an old fashioned cross cut saw from Harbor Freight for only $19.99. …

LOU: [Hold that thought, got to take a break. … Do you have a book?]

NANCY: You know, they can get it at Amazon. Or there's also, a direct link to my publisher's distribution. Somewhere down toward the bottom of my home page it says 'Book, publisher, and Granite Press'. You can get it from that or you can get it from Amazon. And it was written some years ago, however, the core information that the Zetas were trying to relay is in there. And if you want something that's printed and you can carry around with you, that's it. The website has a lot more information, but, if you lose electricity and you lose the Internet, it's not going to be around. And we have a nonprofit, related, with the ZetaTalk site, Troubled Times, that has put together the best of what many heads concluded about what life would be like and how to survive. They have a Survival Guide. You can get this for $5, that's less than cost. You can also get a twin set of CD's that is all of Troubled Times website. And when the Internet goes down and you've still got electricity for your PC's, $4.10 will get you that twinset, that includes postage and that is less than cost. So, these are some things to get your hands on, because, if it's on your hard drive you can't read it when everything goes dead.

LOU: [Are the Zetas still saying, no date.]

NANCY: And the reason for that is, that information would be used against the common man. Those people that would herd you into work camps, keep you in coastal cities so you drown, or river basins so you drown, run scams to take everything from you, and promise to protect you and then, it's not there for you. They would take advantage of a firm date, and that's why they're not giving a firm date.

LOU: [What is the future of ZetaTalk.]

NANCY: Well, when the Internet goes down, they've said that I will show up at survival camps, of good hearted people, by spaceship. There's rescue of people going on now. I'm aware of that because I participate in some of that. I meditate and realize I've been on a, sometimes I have scratches and bruises that I can't explain and I meditate and get the full story. So there's some of that rescue going on now. And radio, unless, they say 'short wave', is the answer because it uses the ionosphere as a bounce, so that you don't necessarily have to have antenna to antenna on high hills. And other than that, it's going to be space ship visitation. So, after the pole shift, it's going to be Nancy resting on her laurels and showing up with a cane, a little old woman hobbling in and saying 'hey, you know me, recognize my voice'. Maybe they'll recognize my face, and that's it. That's where ZetaTalk's going to go, but we hope to be with you until those last horrid days.

CALLER: [Was Elvis Prestly STO, that he had such talent, or was he STS. And second, is the girl from Alabama missing in Aruba, was she sold into sexual slavery and if so, what are the coordinates of where she is now. And a question for Nancy, and a comment for Lou.]

NANCY: OK, let's hold it right there, and I'll give it to the Zetas.

Elvis Prestly was not a mature spirit. Incarnations are arranged by the Spirit Guides not to reward a spirit that is loving and giving, but for lessons. And in some cases, a loving and giving spirit is given a horrific life because it'd deemed to be a lesson which they agree to, the spirit agrees to. And also, immature spirits are given plush or opportunistic life times, born into wealth, born into beauty, or handsome with talents, to allow them full play of exploration their own selves, do they wish to be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. Selfish or empathetic, or those type of opportunities. So he had a life where he had talents. But highly immature and given to drugs and alcohol, and still with those problems in his incarnations which he has had since then. He is not talented in these, and just struggling along. But he will not be a resident of Earth after this pole shift, after this life time of his. He will go off to the water world awaiting those who are undecided and immature to be a type of octopus.

End of Elvis Prestly disertation.

And regarding the girl in Aruba, she is most certainly dead. And the police already know this. Her body will eventually be uncovered. It was a crime of passion, a crime of fear, as the police already know where she was killed, because they [killer] feared her mouth as an aftermath of a virtual rape.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk on that.

[Note: news report just issued on July 1, two days after this Zeta statement, is that three young men were charged with her murder.]

Prosecutor: 3 Charged With Aruba Murder
July 1, 2005; 5:17 PM
Three young men detained in the disappearance of an Alabama teenager have been charged with murder since their arrest more than three weeks ago, Aruba's chief prosecutor told The Associated Press on Friday. The charges were not announced at the time to protect the feelings of the family of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway, said Attorney General Karin Janssen. "At the time, we didn't want to upset the (Holloway) family talking about murder while they searched," Janssen said. Janssen, who has said several times in the past three weeks that no one was charged in the case, said they also kept the information quiet in order not to compromise their investigation. Authorities have said they have no physical evidence suggesting Holloway is dead.

So what's your question for me?

CALLER: [You sent me a letter in response to mine. I was amazed you stated what I had been thinking.]

NANCY: Thank you. And just to clarify what Albert is talking about. Albert, you're not a wealthy person, that's my guess. And he make a contribution to the nonprofit which we accepted, and he made a second contribution, a donation. And I wrote him a letter saying 'if you're not a wealthy person, stop.' Don't do that because we're not strapped. And let wealthy people step forwards and do their part. And they do, they do. We've gotten huge donations in the past. Foundations or wealthy individuals, and they seem to emerge when the need is there. So we were saying to him, if you're under the impression that we're about to go down the tubes to distribute these Survival Books and CD's, which we distribute at a little less than cost, and we have to mass produce 1,000 at a time, burn the CD's or print the books or whatever. We're in good shape for our next printing and burning and that's all we're really doing right now. And so, not to send us any more. He's such a good hearted person. And often, good hearted people go the extra mile where the selfish person doesn't even take the first step. I can tell you [Albert] are one of those Service-to-Other souls, no question. So, did you have another question because I know Lou said the phone lines were packed. That means we got a lot of people wanting to …

CALLER: [Recommends a CD series by a non-denominational group, Shepherd Chapel, which he feels relates the Bible and ZetaTalk concepts well.]

NANCY: So, you know, Albert, I believe that this same bit about the Bible not being the… The most recent word maybe, but there was a lot of modification of the Bible done around 1600 or the centuries before then. The Prophet Yahweh has mentioned that. Also, there's a book called the Bible Fraud out that discusses that in some detail. There a lot of different authors that have had their hand in, and many of them over the centuries. An example of that is the Kolbrin and the The Book of Enoch, actually talking about pole shifts, and for some reason this information did not get carried forward in the Bible. Like those who messed with it, what should not be carried forward in the Bible, didn't want people to be warned about this. Like it should be private information, so there's something to that. And we do thank you for alerting people to this, and I'm sure that those who are interested will look into this.

LOU: [Lost my list of questions from the chat.]

NANCY: What happened to all those phone calls, are they still there?

LOU: [Only has one line.]

NANCY: Oh, one line. Because I've heard people say that they call and they can't get in. Now I understand. I thought you maybe had rotating, 6 backed up.

LOU: [Where do the Zetas come from? Are they stuck here? Where do they live?]

NANCY: Well actually, they come from the star systems in the Zeta Reticuli constellation, but their particular planets orbited stars that we're not even aware of because they're dim stars, that's why their eyes are so very big. But they're physically in our solar system, and actually, they can't go back to their home planets because the gravity on their home planets is heavier, and if they go back they would be crushed, their bone systems have thinned. And they're in a different dimension in the main. Hang around in motherships. Hang around maybe on Mars, and if they slip into 4th dimension we can't see them even if they're standing right next to us. So they are able to control gravity, which is why their space ships can hover and their big motherships can hover. And so therefore they can create the proper degree of gravity for Earth and contactees can be taken up into their ships and into their motherships and the like. Mostly when they meet people on Earth, they come over into 3rd density, which is our density, and density refers to how fast our atoms and molecules are buzzing around. So they're with us, they're with us.

CALLER: [When was the Kolbrin written?]

NANCY: You know, I don't know. Also, the Book of Enoch. It's my impression that an awful lot of this stuff was written about the same time that the Bible was written. The Dead Sea scrolls, for instance, are always being dug up and they're written about the same time.

CALLER: [Enoch was mentioned in the Bible.]

NANCY: Yeah, it's mentioned in the Bible. Enoch is mentioned in the Bible, but his book did not get included. And it's very explicit, about the prophecy about the coming Earth changes. So why his book got rejected and others got included, who knows.

CALLER: [Enoch did not get included because archeology in that day did not support him.]

NANCY: What about the Book of Genesis? Can't go prove that.

CALLER: [Mentions Summerian information, Sitchin.]

NANCY: Yeah, Zacharia Sitchin, right. But stuff in the Bible, there's books in the Bible that just natter on. I mean, the Book of Genesis is talking about in 7 days, the Earth was created, etc. And there's no archeology supporting all of that either but it's in the Bible, front and center.

CALLER: [God, origin of the Universe, etc.]

NANCY: And that's what they say. They say they know more what .. they don't know any more about what God is, or what his plan is, than we do. They do not know more about what God is, or his plan, or why we are here, and why our lives are laid out as they are, than we do. They don't know. But they see God's hand in the Universe, the way it works out. In other words, atoms, and the Universe, and the way life forms and evolves and the like. And the beauty. It's so beautiful. They see God's hand in that, and they're sure there's a plan. They just don't know what it is.

CALLER: [Agree, beautiful Universe]

NANCY: It's breathtaking, yeah. Into the woods. I go to the woods and marshes. Watch the way a drop of water in a pond spreads out, the way the bugs whir around and plants grow. There is nothing that can rival the beauty of what nature does. Man cannot.

CALLER: [I find my best source of truth to be the Bible.]

NANCY: There's a lot of truth in there, and I have been surprised at how much correlation there is in Islamic text. And folklore, from Aborigines, Ethiopian, Hopi Indians and the like. How much correlation there is, and similarity.

CALLER: [Now searching for the start of man in Africa.]

NANCY: Yeah, looking for Adam, and finding a lot of Y chromosome similarities that point all the way back to that area. Indeed.

CALLER: [All the different races.]

NANCY: Indeed, indeed, no question about that. And the Zetas said that there was actually 6 races of man. Black. China Man was another. Caucasian developed from a little monkey that got red faced and hopping mad all the time. And then there was Indonesian Man that had a rounded belly like a pot belly and actually died out but had an African man, a Black man from Africa had come over and put in some of his genes, so we do have Polynesian.

CALLER: [Polynesians populated South America, by boat.]

NANCY: Right, right, and Chinese over Alaska down into the Americas. It's possible. You can travel the Pacific, across, and it's been done, modern day. Correlations! Yup, the Egyptians over into South America, so many similarities. Yes, fascinating. It's been a pleasure talking to you, Al. I hear the break music in the background.

LOU: [End of the hour.]

NANCY: Good night, Lou.