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SOHO Fakery
After July 8, 2003

They are posting old soho images on the EIT 195. The new time stamp in the bottom right is much a larger font with a black area around it. Completely different from all time stamps before July 8, they had a much smaller font with no black area around it. It's like it is covering something underneath, poorly.
On your page SOHO Burnout there is a series of pics showing a burnout. I have been studying this for some time. Look at the first good image on the frame and then the last image. The time stamp has changed size since the burnout period. It's much larger. As if it needs to cover an old time stamp. The last image with a 15:09 timestamp is not a new image. I'm looking back to find it in an old post from SOHO. Look at it carefully, the patterns on the sun are not even close to being similar. Why is SOHO showing us old pics with new timestamps?