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Troubled Times believes that a world-wide cataclysm, of massive proportions, will strike the Earth in 2003 or shortly thereafter. The cause of this natural event will be a monster planet, known to the ancients but as yet undiscovered by modern man, which will pass very near the earth as part of its normal 3,600 year orbit around the sun.

The ancient’s called this monster the 12th Planet, and as this magnetic giant passes by, it will force our North and South Poles to rotate 90 degrees. The shifting poles will drag the Earth's crust with them, ultimately producing a new global map in a matter of hours in a massive cataclysm affecting all life on earth. These events have occurred before, as ancient legends and Prophecies fortell, creating what man interprets to be ice ages, wandering poles and the flood, and have resulted in the extinction of the Mastodon and the sinking of Atlantis.
Mankind survived these past cataclysms, some because they were lucky, and others because they foresaw events and took precautions. To prepare for this event, a volunteer organization, was formed. The Troubled Times mission is to place into the public record a set of solutions for survival into the next century, solutions that are affordable, attainable, and which will produce a healthy lifestyle in the Aftertime. These solutions can be found radiating from The Hub of Troubled Times, which is icon driven to help the public rapidly locate information.
Those who wish to join this volunteer organization have but to check out the current ongoing teamwork and join the Membership to enter into the stream of activity and offer their contributions. Where ZetaTalk supports the operation of Troubled Times, the two are separate entities, as is the Nonprofit organization, Troubled Times, Inc. Original works within Troubled Times are owned by the individual contributors, who have granted Troubled Times the right to make this information available to the public. Of interest to people throughout the world, Troubled Times has several Mirror Sites.
Lack of preparation for the cataclysms may be worse than fatal, it may leave you and those you care about injured, hungry, frightened, and with no recourse or end in sight!
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The earth's warming trend, steming from her core, will be noticed and is a general topic of conversation. This is when you should prepare for self sufficiency in a safe location.
Prepare for
A few years prior to the cataclysms, a period of crop shortages will be so severe that alternative food production needs to be begun and practiced in earnest. This is when you should become practiced at self sufficiency.
Too late to
The earth's rotation will slow within days and stop for several days just prior to the pole shift. This is when you and your loved ones should be situated at your safe location.