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Re: Pole Shifts in the Sun 2

In Article <> Craig Markwardt
> The polarity shift over time is directly visible in at least one 
> of the web pages I presented. 

I checked these, and the only reference was to APPEARANCE of the Sun
based on light rays.  I ONLY thing I could find on any of the web pages
was the first one referenced by Jim, where I
found a link that stated that x-rays had been plotted as coming in
bursts from different spots on the Sun.  As x-rays are measured in
bursts from various stars, I'm assuming this, like light patterns, CAN
and HAS been measured from the Sun.  

In Article <> Craig Markwardt
> More quantitative measurements can be found at the 
> following web pages.  The first one shows an animation
> of sunspot activity with a color-coded magnetic field 
> scale.

Pictures, based on light rays, patterns ASSUMED to be caused by magnetic
changes.  I note the statement in this page "The strength of the
magnetic field is determined by variations in the polarization of light
from different chemical elements in the Sun's atmosphere. As the Sun
rotates once in about a month, observations of the Sun's magnetic field
are combined to construct maps of the magnetic field at the Sun's
surface" NOT measurement of magnetic fields. 

In Article <> Craig Markwardt
> The second page has essentially an infinite number 
> of magnetic field measurements in the sun, displayed 
> as a contour plot with the numerical scale on the right.  
> Observations are available for most days.

Pictures, of light, assumed to be CAUSED by magnetic changes. I note "If
there are no up-to-date images, either equipment is being repaired or
there are clouds in Huntsville" so did they measure the magnetic field
from Huntsville?  Nope.

In Article <> Craig Markwardt
> The last plot is actually the most beautiful to me.  
> It shows the progression of averaged magnetic field 
> and velocity oscillations over more than one solar 
> cycle, again color-coded with a numerical scale.
> The reversal of the solar magnetic field vector is 
> clear to the eye.

More pictures, of light, patterns assumed to be caused by magnetic
changes, etc.  I note the statement on this page "These plots are
created using daily observational data from the 150-foot solar
telescope" AND "These Torsional Oscillations were discovered by Carnegie
astronomers Robert F. Howard and Barry J. LaBonte using 150-Foot solar
telescope data in 1980", NOT measurements of a magnetic field.