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Planet X Sighting Efforts 4

Don't let poetry, snickering, and ridicule deflect YOU from taking a
look at the ZetaTalk coordinates, at your local observatory, when Orion
comes out from behind the Sun.

This inbound smoldering brown dwarf, located in 1983 by the IRAS team
and reported by a front page article in The Washington Post that year,
was sighted at three observatories in France, Canada, and the US this
past spring.

Below, ZetaTalk Accuracy in general on astronomy and physics subjects.

Big Bang
    Prior to July, 1995, ZetaTalk stated that Big Bangs 
    were a local event, combined with Black Holes as a 
    renewal agent in the Universe. During the 2001 
    sci.astro debates, it was pointed out that an article 
    in the May, 2001 Smithsonian Magazine pointed 
    to just that.

Centrifugal Force
    On Jan 15, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that planetary or 
    solar rotation did not occur because of Centrifugal 
    Force, but due to attraction and repulsion of various 
    components in the core. On March 31, 2000 the 
    Associated Press reported science findings 
    supporting that Zeta statement.

Dark Matter
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that a massive 
    amount of tiny matter, not Dark Matter, was the 
    largest component in the Universe. On January 6, 
    1999, the AAS presented evidence that dark 
    matter galaxies, called Ghost Galaxies, outnumber 
    and outweigh luminous galaxies, and on April 6, 
    2000 the Associated Press confirmed that the tiny 
    matter conclusion was being adopted by scientists.

Deflecting Asteroids
    In June, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that Deflecting 
    Asteroids with nukes would be ineffectual; in June, 
    1998 a computer model on nuking asteroids showed
    this to be the case.

Earth Twin
    In September, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that there is 
    an Earth Twin positioned in the same orbit as the 
    Earth, balanced exactly opposite the Earth so that 
    it cannot be viewed from Earth as it is blocked by 
    the Sun. In November, 1997, verification of this 
    came from Russian scientists.

Face on Mars
    In August, 1995 that the Structures on Mars were
    made by the same group that created the Sphinx 
    and Great Pyramids, and that the Secret Chamber 
    was a navigational aid; in January, 1998, 
    Astronomer Van Flandern confirmed that.

Magnetic Field
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that the 
    Earth's Magnetic Field was appearing to 
    weaken as it was diffused and confused by
    [Planet X]'s approach. On March 14, 1999, a 
    NASA expert confirmed that.

Mars Water
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that Life on 
    Mars had existed prior to the giant hominoids 
    from [Planet X] pouring the Mars oceans 
    into subterranean cavities while washing ore 
    during their mining operations. On Dec 10, 1999, 
    Science Magazine and the Brown University News
    Service reported definitive evidence of ancient 
    oceans on Mars, and on June 12, 2000 NASA 
    confirmed this.

Newton's Laws
    In October, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that Newton's 
    Laws in Ephemerides are inaccurate, 
    Contradictions exist, and the Dark Ages are still
    with us; in March, 1998 due to an expanding 
    Universe discovery, Newton came under attack.

Gravity Repulsion Force
    In September, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that gravity 
    is balanced by a Repulsion Force; scientists 
    learned in March, 1998 that the Universe is 
    expanding due to what they call a repulsion force
    which Counteracts Gravity.