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Planet X Sighting Efforts 5

Don't let poetry, snickering, and ridicule deflect YOU from taking a
look at the ZetaTalk coordinates, at your local observatory, when Orion
comes out from behind the Sun.

This inbound smoldering brown dwarf, located in 1983 by the IRAS team
and reported by a front page article in The Washington Post that year,
was sighted at three observatories in France, Canada, and the US this
past spring.

Below, ZetaTalk Accuracy in general on Earth changes in response to
Planet X. 
    In June, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that albinos such 
    as the White Buffalo would be on the increase. There
    have been increasing reports of such occurences in 
    wildlife, starting in China, then Australia and North 

    On June 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that Booms 
    would become more common and occur even inland 
    as [Planet X] approached. By March 15, 1999 
    these mystery booms were being reported, followed 
    by reports from Ohio, Georgia, Atlanta and Alabama.

Deformed Frogs
    In October, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that the recent 
    spate of Deformed Frogs indicate they are sensitive 
    to emanations from the Earth's core cause by
    [Planet X]'s approach; in May, 1998 an article 
    explains that scientists cannot find a conventional 

Domino Quakes
    On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 
    Predictions that domino quakes would begin, where 
    tightly locked plates would bump one another. By 
    June, 2000 Reuters had noted this.

    On Jan 15, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that Flashes 
    associated with booms were due to Methane gas 
    released during underwater or landbased quakes. 
    On March 22, 1999 documentation on the web 
    on Earthquake Lights confirmed this.

Frog Populations
    On October 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that Frog 
    Populations with their vulnerable DNA would be
    affected worldwide, the cause puzzling. On Jan 19, 
    2000 their declining numbers and confusion over 
    the cause were being reported.

High Tides
    On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 
    Predictions that high tides would be experienced, 
    unrelated to earthquakes. On Jan 26, 2000 a 65 foot
    wave was reported in the Philippines, cause 
    unknown, and by mid-2000 the US Government 
    was preparing for unexplained Tsunamis.

Meteor Uptick
    In June, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that Green Meteors 
    and Other Trash will begin arriving with increasing 
    frequency, but this will not be explained by the 
    authorities. Boulders dropped on Greenland and 
    Columbia in December, 1997, Fireballs and meteor 
    showers arrived in February/March of 1998, and by 
    December, 1998 huge fireballs would be on the Increase,
    screaming across the sky, ignored by the authorities. 
    In July, 2001 fireballs were seen across a wide swath 
    of the US East Coast.

Volcanoe Uptick
    On the Jan 12, 2000 Sightings radio show, 
    ZetaTalk predicted in the Predictions for 2000 
    that the volcano upheaval, such as the undersea 
    upheaval causing the El Nino, will continue and 
    increase. Starting in August, 2000 this was a clear

Weather Changes
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that weather 
    changes were Heralding [Planet X]'s approach, and 
    would become increasingly unpredictible, though 
    this would be slow to be recognized as disasters are
    a regular part of the Earth's history. On Dec 14, 
    1999 the Associated Press reported that weather 
    changes are occuring at an increasing rate, and this
    trend continued!

Weather Predictions
    Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that Weather 
    Predictions would be inaccurate, based upon the 
    wrong parameters. On Jan 27, 2000 a new 
    supercomputer was failing in just this manner. 

    In February, 2000, ZetaTalk predicted that 
    During 2000 whirlpools in the ocean would 
    shock those who had never seen such a thing. In 
    May, 2001, a report of just such a shocking and 
    unexplained whirlpoos off San Diego hit the news.