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Re: Sighting the Supposed Planet-X

In Article <9rg1m5$e5g$> John Latala wrote:
> Since we're getting into November I was wondering
> if anybody farther south than me, I'm in Canada, has 
> been aiming their scope toward Orion to see if they 
> can spot anything interesting?

Well, lots of folks are planning to, from my e-mail, but I doubt they'd
write YOU due to your hehehe attitude on the matter in general. 

In Article <9rihh3$le8$> John Latala wrote:
> One of the best uses of Nancy's stuff I can think of so
> I tried it with my teenage niece. It's been a couple of
> hours now and she still hasn't stopped laughing. 
> When her brother did something really stupid she 
> taunted him for doing a 'lieder'.