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Re: Honest Question...Poleshift and the Pyramids...Pole/Axis Shift in Cayce Quotes

In Article <> Jim wrote:
> The particles from solar flares reaching the earth are 
> know to cause Aurora activity. This is proven on a 
> regular basis as observed solar flares are
> followed by Aurora activity just as predicted.

I see we haven't progressed much beyond the time when:
1. mice were ASSUMED to generate from dirty rags as 
   they were OBSEVED to appear and increase in a 
   number in places where dirty rags were placed. 
2. the Earth as ASSUMED to be flat because it LOOKED 
   that way.  Anyone stating otherwise likely to be burned
   at the stake. 
3. the Sun was ASSUMED to be moving around the flat 
   earth because it LOOKED that way, and was 
   predictable (as in will rise tomorrow) and regular.

If magnetic activity makes light bend, then prove that in the lab!  It