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Re: Honest Question...Poleshift and the Pyramids...Pole/Axis Shift in Cayce Quotes

In Article <> Thomas McDonald wrote:
> Nancy Lieder wrote:
>> In Article <> Jim wrote:
>>> The particles from solar flares reaching the earth are 
>>> know to cause Aurora activity. This is proven on a 
>>> regular basis as observed solar flares are
>>> followed by Aurora activity just as predicted.
>> If magnetic activity makes light bend, then prove that in 
>> the lab!  It doesn't.
> Who claimed that magnetic activity made light bend?  
> The magnetosphere of the Earth causes incoming charged 
> particles to follow the lines of magnetic force around the 
> Earth, and in the process light is given off that we see 
> as the auroras. 

What have we got here that is NOT theory, please.  Does electricity bend
light?  In the lab?  Does a magnetic field bend light?  In the lab?  So
far, in this and the discussion on the Pole Shifts in the Sun thread, we
have ONLY the measurement from the Sun of x-rays coming in bursts from
different places in the Sun, switching about as a result of solar
cycles.  Do magnetic fields bend x-rays?  In the lab?  So we have
ASSUMPTIONS, and THEORIES, and alongside this we have the planets in the
solar system that have magnetic fields (Mercury, Earth, Mars) all
pointing in the same direction! THIS has been measured and documented by
Mariner 10 in 1975 and the Mars Surveyor in 1996.  They don’t switch
around when the Sun has cycles, any more than the Earth does.  


There goes the reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field theory.