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Ed Dames
on Art Bell

On Friday night [Dec 20, 2002], Art interviewed Major Ed Dames, a remote viewer who formerly worked for the CIA. Ed reportedly said that he and his remote viewing team are no longer able to remote view the future beyond next summer. This followed the Thursday night interview with Sylvia Browne, who is reported to have stated at that time that she is no longer able to see the future beyond the summer of 2003.

On March 6, 2003, per a quote from Coast to Coast: When asked about Planet X, he couldn't verify a May 2003 date, but did say when you see very violent storms, powerful weather fronts, "in other words—a pole shift," it would be time to head for the hills.

On June 26, 2003, per a quote from Coast to Coast web site Planet X "is a reality," and "does appear to be the cause of the wobble." Its passage will be signaled by "extreme weather events."

Track record on Ed Dames predictions on:

Jan 1, 2005

On his last appearance on the show Ed promised to find gold treasure in California and bring it to Art Bell's house at Christmas. This didn't happen. He also has a new gold target near Carson City which is from an old stagecoach robbery. He will find this treasure and bring it to Art's house in the Spring.

There will be a 9+ earthquake near the northwest tip of New Guinea. This will happen in March. [An 8.7 happened at Ache, 2,000 miles to the West.] He didn't predict the tsunami in South East Asia because they were busy looking for the gold.

Dames claims there is no public record of his success rate. Hello, there is now and it is zero.

Osama Bin Laden is alive but was badly injured in an attack. He says he can find him within 72 hours but his team has better things to do. Previously he had said Osama Bin Laden was dead but he admits he was wrong about this.

Oct 9, 2004

A very large planet sized space body will pass by the Earth, not a comet or asteroid. It approaches from the south and electrically aligns itself between the Sun and the Earth shutting down our electric field. We will see it coming three to six months in advance. It will threaten twice, once on the way in and then on the way out. This will happen in the next several years. It will wobble the Earth. Oceans will slosh around. We will experience high winds 200 - 300 miles an hour for weeks at a time.

His second piece of proof is to find some 150 year old gold treasure. He will bring it to Art's house as proof. All this to happen in December 2004. Late 2005 will see large earthquakes in Japan causing damage to nuclear reactors. [Did not happen]

Jul 17, 2004

There won't be one mighty killshot from the Sun. There will be many smaller ones and they will gradually wear us down. The shot across the bow which happened 3rd November 2003 is close to the main killshot which will happen at the beginning of 2005. [Did not happen.]

Apr 10, 2004

According to reports the biggest solar flare ever almost shut down the entire Earth in November. Dames claims this is the shot across the bow before the kill shot. In October 2003 Dames predicted the Sun would go on a rampage. What he failed to mention is that in his very same prediction he said that the solar flare would signal the end of World War III and that the poles would shift 17 degrees.

Feb 8, 2004

Dames still maintains he predicted the large solar flares. Which he didn't. He also says he predicted the avian flu virus on his last show. I don't recall this or have an record of it.

Mad Cow disease will bring about the discontinuation of cattle as human food and also stop the use of cow's milk for human babies. We will see the start of this by the end of this year. [Did not happen.]

Nov 9, 2003

The solar activity that is happening at the moment is just the beginning of a series of large events on the Sun. The next large event will actually destroy satelites and damage some power grids in North America. This will happen within the next three weeks. Wrong. Nothing happened.

A huge earthquake will hit Japan in late Spring 2005. It will not cause a lot of damage to Tokyo but the Monju fast breeder reactor will be destroyed killing 17,000 people, Between 200,000 and 400,000 people will die later. [Has not happened.]

Oct 12, 2003

Next use of a nuclear weapon will definitely be on the Korean peninsula. No date given. North Korea will up the level of nuclear blackmail by testing a nuclear weapon. The test might be in open air and that may invoke a response that causes them to use a nuclear weapon against US forces on the peninsula.

On Sep 30, 1998, per a record on Spritual Endeavors, Ed Dames predicted his famous 'killshot' from the Sun, which would wipe out all life on Earth not underground, to occur in 1999, the record stating: 'News of a massive gamma/X-ray burst striking Earth late last month, on August 27 specifically, comes over the news wire. Word reaches me that Psi-Tech's Ed Dames is claiming this was the so-called "precursor event", or "shot across the bow", he remote viewed last year -- an event predicted to occur in 1998, preceding a similar, but far deadlier, solar flare "kill shot" prophesied to wipe out up to 85% of life on the planet. The "kill shot" is predicted to hit in Spring 1999, possibly in April.'