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Norlock is rumored to be a Russian Probe sent to check on Planet X some years ago.

Dear friends,
finally I decided to tell the world what I know. We in Russia did know about PLANET X even before IRAS found it. As far as I know, classified research results in Russia agree with ZETATALK. In the early 90ies, Russia sent an "officially non-existing" space probe called NORLOK directly towards Planet-X, mainly to trace the exact path to get a better estimation of PLANET-X impact on EARTH.

These photos are made by the NORLOK space probe:
Oleg Mandurek

Norlock images however appear upon inspection to be doctored, reportedly a differing pixtel count between the background and the brown dwarf, and are not realistic in that there is no evidence of the red dust cloud that hangs around Planet X, and no evidence of the moons that trail the planet.