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Re: Planet X/12th Planet Retrograde Orbit

Article: <6g2rfk$> 
Subject: Re: Planet X/12th Planet Retrograde Orbit
Date: 3 Apr 1998 14:24:52 GMT

In article <6ful24$mli@pmgm.Stanford.EDU> John Ladasky writes:
>> The 12th Planet's retrograde orbit around the Sun is due 
>> to its reaction to an energy field emitted by the Sun.  This 
>> energy field radiates out from the Sun intensely at certain 
>> points, like a moving arm, following the rotation of the 
>> Sun's core where the matter producing this energy field 
>> is located. 
> What is your evidence for this focused energy field?  If it 
> "follows the rotation of the sun's core," and the known 
> planets are "swept along" by it, how is it that all of the 
> planets orbit the sun at different angular velocities?  Why 
> don't they speed up when they happen to intersect one of 
> these supposed focused energy beams?

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
Because they are not all of the same composition.  Some are gasseous,
some solid, and their cores composed of different matter.  Are you
suggesting that objects are only affected by what can physically push
on their surface?  The effect of the Solar Wind negates that concept in
a single example.  What about magnets, which are influenced by
something you eye cannot see.  Is this a push upon their surface?
(End ZetaTalk[TM])