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Re: Zacharia Sitchin

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Subject: Re: Zacharia Sitchin
Date: 18 Apr 1998 14:47:10 GMT

In article <> Randomity
> Could someone please present me with a cogent argument either
> in support of or against the concept of a 12th planet with a 3,600
> year elliptical orbit.

The best argument is in the geological evidence that our Earth
presents, in 3,600 periods, approximately.  Velikovsky has collected
and presented many of these in his book Earth in Upheaval.  Where many
attack the messenger, throwing all Velikovsky's insights out when fault
can be found with anything he said, these scientific studies he quotes
were NOT done by him, and stand on their own merits.  For instance:

Earth in Upheaval, pp 4-6, The Ivory Islands

Fossil tusks of the mammoth - an extinct elephant - were found in
northern Siberia and brought southward to markets at a very early time.
Northern Siberia provided more than half the world's supply of ivory,
many piano keys and many billiard balls being made from the fossil
tusks of mammoths.  

In 1797 the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin, and hair, was found in
northeastern Siberia.  The flesh had the appearance of freshly frozen
beef;  it was edible, and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without harm. 
The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of their
entombment;  had it not been frozen, the bodies of the mammoths would
have putrefied in a single summer, but they remained unspoiled for some
thousands of years.  In some mammoths, when discovered, even the
eyeballs were still preserved.

(All) this shows that the cold became suddenly extreme .. and knew no
relenting afterward.  In the stomachs and between the teeth of the
mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern
Siberia .. (but are) .. now found in southern Siberia.  Microscopic
examination of the skin showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof
not only of a sudden death, but that the death was due to suffocation
either by gases or water.