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Re: Zacharia Sitchin

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Subject: Re: Zacharia Sitchin
Date: 18 Apr 1998 14:56:13 GMT

In article <> Randomity
> Could someone please present me with a cogent argument either
> in support of or against the concept of a 12th planet with a 3,600
> year elliptical orbit.

The best argument is in the geological evidence that our Earth
presents, in 3,600 periods, approximately.  Velikovsky has collected
and presented many of these in his book Earth in Upheaval.  Where many
attack the messenger, throwing all Velikovsky's insights out when fault
can be found with anything he said, these scientific studies he quotes
were NOT done by him, and stand on their own merits.  For instance:

Earth in Upheaval, pp 70-72, Mountains and Rifts

The age of a rock formation is ascertained with the help of the fossils
it contains.  To the surprise of many scientists, it was found that
mountains have traveled - older formations have been pushed over on top
of younger ones.  

Chief Mountain in Montana is a massif standing several thousand feet
above the Great Planes.  It has been thrust bodily upon the much
younger strata of the Great Planes, and then driven over them eastward,
for a distance of at least 8 miles.  Chief Mountain in Montana traveled
across the plains and climbed the slopes of another mountain and
settled on top of it.  By similar thrusting, the whole Rocky Mountain
Front, for hundreds of miles, has been pushed up and then out, many
miles over the plains.  Such titanic displacement of mountains have
been found in many places on the earth.  The entire length of the
Norwegian mountains showed a similar overthrust.  The displacement of
the Alps is especially extensive.  During the building of the Alps
gigantic slabs of rock, thousands of feet thick, hundreds of miles
long, and tens of miles wide, were thrust up and then over .. the
 rocks beneath.  The direction of the relative overthrusting movement
was from Africa toward the main mass of Europe on the north.  The Alps
were shoved a hundred miles to the north.

The problem of mountain-making is a vexing one.  Geologists have not
yet found a satisfactory escape from this dilemma.  The origin of the
mountains is not explained, and still less is their thrust or shift
across valleys and over other mountains.  What could have caused these
mountains to travel across valleys and uphill with their masses of
granite weighing billions of tons?  No force acting from inside the
earth, pulling inward or pushing outward, could have created these
overthrusts.  Only twisting could have produced them.