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Re: Zacharia Sitchin

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Subject: Re: Zacharia Sitchin
Date: 18 Apr 1998 14:58:25 GMT

In article <> Randomity
> Could someone please present me with a cogent argument either
> in support of or against the concept of a 12th planet with a 3,600
> year elliptical orbit.

The best argument is in the geological evidence that our Earth
presents, in 3,600 periods, approximately.  Velikovsky has collected
and presented many of these in his book Earth in Upheaval.  Where many
attack the messenger, throwing all Velikovsky's insights out when fault
can be found with anything he said, these scientific studies he quotes
were NOT done by him, and stand on their own merits.  For instance:

Earth in Upheaval, pp 202-203, Times and Dates

Careful investigation by W.A. Johnston of the Niagara River bed
disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4,000
years ago.  And equally careful investigation of the Bear River delta
by Hanson showed that the age of this delta was 3,600 years.  The study
by Claude Jones of the lakes of the Great Basin showed that these
lakes, remnants of larger glacial lakes, have existed only about 3,500
years.  Gales obtained the same result on Owen Lake in California and
also Van Winkle on Abert and Summer lakes in Oregon.

Radiocarbon analysis by Libby also indicates that plants associated
with extinct animals (mastodons) in Mexico are probably only 3,500
years old.  Similar conclusions concerning the late survival of the
Pleistocene fauna were drawn by various field workers in many parts of
the American continent.  Suess and Rubin found with the help of
radiocarbon analysis that in the mountains of the western United States
ice advanced only 3000 years ago.

The Florida fossil beds at Vero and Melbourne proved - by the artifacts
found there together with human bones and the remains of animals, many
of which are extinct - that these fossil beds were deposited between
2,000 and 4,000 years ago.  From observations on beaches in numerous
places all over the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in
the ocean level, which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago. 
Kuenen and others confirmed Daly’s findings with evidence derived from