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Re: Zacharia Sitchin

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Subject: Re: Zacharia Sitchin
Date: 18 Apr 1998 15:17:58 GMT

In article <> Randomity
> Could someone please present me with a cogent argument either
> in support of or against the concept of a 12th planet with a 3,600
> year elliptical orbit.

The second best argument is in the written and oral history of cultures
around the world, evidence that they have EXPERIENCED such periodic
upheavals, in 3,600 periods, approximately.  Velikovsky has collected
and presented many of these in his book Worlds in Collision.  Where
many attack the messenger, throwing all Velikovsky's insights out when
fault can be found with anything he said, these written records he
quotes were NOT done by him, and stand on their own merits.  For

Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, by Velikovsky, pp 53-55, Naphtha  ..

Crude petroleum is composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen.  The
inorganic theory (of the origin of petroleum states that) hydrogen and
carbon were brought together in the rock formations of the earth under
great heat and pressure.  The tails of comets are composed mainly of
carbon and hydrogen gases.  Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight,
but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing
oxygen, will be set on fire, binding all the oxygen available at the
moment.  The descent of a sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed
with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral and written traditions of the
inhabitants of both hemispheres.  

Popol-Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayas, narrates "People were drowned
in a sticky substance raining from the sky .. and then there was a
great din of fire above their heads".  The entire population of the
land was annihilated.  A similar account is preserved in the Annals of
Cuauhtitlan.  The age which ended in the rain of fire was called "the
sun of fire-rain"  

In Siberia, the Voguls carried down through the centuries and millennia
this memory.  "God sent a sea of fire upon the earth.  In the East
Indies, the aboriginal tribes relate that in the remote past "water of
fire" rained from the sky.  With very few exceptions, all men died. 
The (Egyptian) papyrus Ipuwer describes this consuming fire.  "Gates,
columns, and walls are consumed by fire.  The sky is in confusion". 
The papyrus says that this fire almost exterminated mankind.