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Re: Zacharia Sitchin

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Subject: Re: Zacharia Sitchin
Date: 18 Apr 1998 15:28:08 GMT

In article <> Randomity
> Could someone please present me with a cogent argument either
> in support of or against the concept of a 12th planet with a 3,600
> year elliptical orbit.

The second best argument is in the written and oral history of cultures
around the world, evidence that they have EXPERIENCED such periodic
upheavals, in 3,600 periods, approximately.  Velikovsky has collected
and presented many of these in his book Worlds in Collision.  Where
many attack the messenger, throwing all Velikovsky's insights out when
fault can be found with anything he said, these written records he
quotes were NOT done by him, and stand on their own merits.  For

Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, by Velikovsky, pp 91-92, Boiling
Earth and Sea .. follow:

The Mexican sacred book, Popol-Vuh, the Manuscript Cakchiquel, the
Manuscript Troano all record how the mountains in every part of the
Western Hemisphere simultaneously gushed lava.  

(These) events are narrated in the Scriptures.  

	The mountain shake with the swelling .. the earth melted.
	Clouds and darkness .. fire .. the earth saw and trembled,
		The hills melted like wax.
	He looketh on the earth and it trembleth,
		He toucheth the hills, and they smoke.
	The earth trembled .. the mountains melted .. even that Sinai.
	He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, 
		and dryeth up all the rivers.

The rivers steamed, and even the bottom of the sea boiled here and
there.  The Zend-Avesta says "The sea boiled, all the shores of the
ocean boiled, all the middle of it boiled".  

The traditions of the Indians (also) retain the memory of this boiling
of the water in river and sea.  The tribes of British Columbia tell: 
"Great clouds appeared .. and such a great heat came, that finally the
water boiled.  People jumped into the streams and lakes to cool
themselves, and died".  On the North Pacific coast of America the
tribes insist that the ocean boiled:  "It grew very hot .. many animals
jumped into the water to save themselves, but the water began to boil".
 The Indians of the Southern Ute tribe in Colorado record in their
legends that the rivers boiled.

Jewish tradition, as preserved in the rabbinical sources, declares that
the mire at the bottom of the Sea of Passage was heated.  Hesiod in his
Theogony, relating the upheaval caused by a celestial collision, says: 
"The huge earth groaned .. A great part of the huge earth was scorched
by the terrible vapor and melted as tin melts when heated by man's art
.. or as iron, which is hardest of all things, is softened by glowing
fire in mountain glens".