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Re: Challenge to Jim Scotti

Article: <6ii97d$>  
Subject: Re: Challenge to Jim Scotti
Date: 3 May 1998 17:23:57 GMT

In article <6ieq20$ft4@news.Hawaii.Edu> Dave Tholen writes:
> Repeating asteroids are also attracted to the Sun, are heading for
> it during half of their orbits, but miss, and they don't have dust
> clouds and gasses like comets.  That fact alone should tell 
> you something. 

(Begin ZetaTalk[TM])
Dave, come together on this thing.  In your zeal to just brush us away
like you would an offending cloud of mosquitoes, you are losing it.  Is
there no difference between what you term asteroids and the dirty
snowballs you term comets?  Their angle of entry into your Solar
System?  The degree of time they spend in a death brush with the Sun,
versus the degree of time they spent out in space, drifting slowly? 
Their composition?  Perhaps you would like to restate.  Comets behave
as they do BECAUSE of their composition, not in spite of it. 
Attraction AND REPULSION are at play, in the case of a comet, the
repulsion is not due to gravity particle flow but due to the push of
the solar wind.
(End ZetaTalk[TM])