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Re: Planet X/12th Planet Search in Early 1980's

Article: <6k3ubs$> 
Subject: Re: Planet X/12th Planet Search in Early 1980's
Date: 22 May 1998 13:25:16 GMT

In article <> Roger Herzler writes:
> It is illogical to believe that a discovery of this type would 
> be hidden from the general public, or that some type of 
> conspiracy for cover-up is underway.  What would be the 
> point??  This kind of discovery would likely be trumpeted
> across the land.

I'll address this comment in two parts, two postings.  First, this type
of conspiracy would be nothing new.  Below, existing ZetaTalk on the
types of conspiracies you and yours swollow without question.

ZetaTalk: Conspiracies

Conspiracies are integral to all 3rd Density existence, as it is
natural for intelligent species to attempt to mold the world around
them to their liking.  A conspiracy is simply a manipulation of the
world done in a covert manner, rather than an open attempt to
manipulate.  In this the 3rd Density entity is attempting to better
their chances at success, since those upon whom the conspiracy is
foisted are not aware that a manipulation is underway.  Humans often
assume that a conspiracy needs certain components such as smoke filled
back rooms and encrypted communications, but conspiracies take place in
such humble places as the family kitchen or the school yard where
youngsters play.  A wink and a whisper are all that is required, and a
conspiracy is in process!

Conspiracies exist in human society, as in all 3rd Density societies
where entities are sorting out their orientation to be either
Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, as they are an extension of the
desire to manipulate others.  Wanting to take a larger share, or
wanting to conceal actions that one would be punished for, or wanting
to foist a pretense upon others - all these desires lead to
conspiracies.  Grand conspiracies that get recorded in history books
are rare, but the conspiratorial process is common, a daily affair for
most humans, in fact.  Conspiracies succeed on the small scale, and
encourage those who lean strongly in the Service-to-Self orientation to
try them on a larger scale.  How successful have they been?  Secrets of
interest worldwide to all peoples have been kept, for decades, even
when known by a large number of individuals who would just love to te
ll the truth.  Examples of the success of such conspiracies are:

- the long term FBI chief Hoover's conspiracy to keep his
cross-dressing and homosexual life style from the general public.  His
close associates certainly knew, occasional lovers outside of the FBI
certainly knew, and talk of his leanings would have been shared among
acquaintances of these individuals in the wildfire manner that rumors
are spread about.  How did the truth get suppressed for decades until
long after his death?  By threats of harassment by the FBI and frank
blackmail attempts, which succeeded in preventing anyone in the media
from cashing in on this juicy bit of gossip.

- the death of John F. Kennedy, murdered by the CIA with more than one
hitman, in full view of a nearby crowd of witnesses and broadcasts on
TV.  The gullible public was told that a single bullet traveled through
two bodies, in and out of several organs that were not even lined up
with each other, and came out intact.  The fact that a single bullet
would have lost speed, and fragmented when breaking bones, stands
loudly pronouncing that such an explanation is not logical, yet since
members of the military and executive branch of government seemed to
buy the story, it stands.  How did the truth get suppressed for
decades, up to and including the present?  By the fact that a handful
of men in high government positions repeated the lie in solemn tones.

- the bankruptcy of banking systems, such as the Savings and Loan
fiasco that took place in the United States during the past decades or
the BCCI fiasco.  The public stared at the figures, which showed
billions gone to fraud, and believed the government line that banking
system controls put into place since 1929 would not allow banks to
fail.  These two frauds took place back to back, perpetrated
essentially by the same CIA money laundering crowd seeking a money
source for all the secret programs the CIA has run over the years, yet
even a repeated performance failed to dampen the public's gullibility. 
How was the public convinced that solidity was there, seeing something
that did not exist?  By the human tendency to believe anything that
comforts, and deny what discomforts, so that unpleasant untruths are
simply ignored.