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Re: The Sun has no South Pole

In Article <> Ed wrote:
> I was just after a straight forward answer to a straight 
> forward question without getting embroiled in anyones 
> pet theories. Just wanted a good 'ol simple fact and was 
> hoping Nancy could give me one.

Per a NASA web site I
referenced, they are referring to the Sun as having BOTH geographic and
magnetic poles, with the same orientation as our Earth, in both cases, I
believe.  Quotes:

JPL December 5, 1994
    The solar wind fields bear the imprint of magnetic 
    fields originating on the Sun, which increase in 
    strength toward the poles, just like the magnetic 
    field of the Earth. <= Mag Poles

JPL December 5, 1994
    Another major result involving magnetic fields
    is the continual presence in the polar cap of very
    strong waves. ... However, the strong waves being
    reported by the Ulysses magnetic field investigators
    are now thought ... <= Mag & Geo Poles

JPL June 1995
    Plasma waves - electrical and magnetic fields ... in 
    both hemispheres of the Sun. However, as Ulysses 
    crossed the Sun's equator and entered the northern 
    hemisphere, observations revealed significantly 
    higher levels of several varieties of plasma waves 
    in the northern region of the Sun, compared to their 
    presence in the southern hemisphere. ... <= Mag & Geo Poles

ESO, June 6 1995
    Data from science experiments on board the spacecraft 
    also revealed the strong influence of the Sun's 
    magnetic equator, which is inclined, or tilted, with 
    respect to the Sun's rotational equator. ... "Magnetic 
    fields characteristic of the north solar hemisphere, 
    which point outward from the Sun, are seen 
    interspersed with inward-directed fields from the 
    southern hemisphere," Smith said. <= Mag & Geo Poles

JPL September 9, 2001
    Space physicists predict gusty winds for the next
    few months at the Sun's north pole, an area that
    will be observed when the Ulysses spacecraft 
    passes over it starting on Aug. 31 [2001]. This 
    pass over the pole occurs at a time of solar 
    maximum ... This will be Ulysses' second pass 
    over the Sun's north pole. It completed a circuit 
    of the Sun in 1996  ... In 1995, Ulysses saw 
    strong and simple magnetic fields at both poles 
    of the Sun.  ... <===== Geo Poles