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Re: I Spoke to Nancy Online and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt!

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> > I have PERSONALLY poked holes in some of her assertions. GET IT? I
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > am just not afraid to consider other parts of her story as separate
> > hypothesis and discuss the SOURCE of the message.
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> Hi Idon't,
> Could you possibly restate/summarize your reasoning about this hole ?
> Since I have not found any holes, you understand my curiosity about one.
> Thanks,
> Jos
> --

1) Supposed original purpose of the Hale-Bopp ruse. Makes no sense that
it was to keep the public from finding PX by having them look at a
DIFFERENT part of the sky(?!) as the public simply does not LOOK at
the sky at all. HB caused MORE looking at the sky, not less... AND
also, PX would not have been visible then anyway, except with highest
grade of equipment.

2) Pyramids as Planet X sighting device? (check archives). Unworkable
hypothisis. Very impractical for many reasons. Non-adjustable 'scope
which sees less then .25 degree area, does NOT just watch one spot,
etc, etc, etc.

My purpose has never been to "get" Nancy. These two just occurred to
me over time.