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Hale-Bopp (Was: Planet X OBSERVATORY Cooperation #1)

Jim wrote:
> What I find amusing is that the Zeta's didn't seem to know this "real
> comet" that NASA found was there. How is it that they knew Hale Bopp was a
> nova and not a comet, yet they didn't have a clue that the such a great
> comet was coming?

What was so "great" about the comet that was finally labeled as Hale-Bopp?
Don't you remember all the disappointed viewers, claiming that it was less
spectacular than Hyakutake the year before?

> Kind of embarrassing isn't it? Especially since Zetatalk said "Mark our
> words. We, ZetaTalk, are telling you that the announcement will be made
> that Hale-Bopp has utterly fragmented, long before its trumpeted arrival
> date."
> LOL  Oops

Again, that was at the time of the Nova.

To quote another skeptic, the amateur astronomer Chuck Shramek:

"A couple of undeniable truths about the comet...

From its initial "discovery" July 23, 1995 this comet was anomalous. It was
discovered 20 months out from its closest approach. Comets are usually
discovered 1 or 2 months out from their closest approach to the sun. Comets
found 3 or 4 months out are very rare. Prior to Hale-Bopp's discovery the
record distance out for comet discovery was 7 months out (Kohoutek in 1973 -
which is why they expected it would be huge - it fizzled). I put "discovery"
in quotes above because the comet has since been located on an Australian
observatory survey picture taken in 1993 (40 months out!) Some believe that
our government may have "discovered" the comet sooner than its official
discovery date. Something very strange was making this comet visible at a
distance from the sun so great that the sun is little more than a bright
star - where comets are far too cold to emit their gases and become visible.

The other fact that I am sure of regarding this comet is that there has been
a widespread cover-up of reliable pictures and information about it. I
followed the comet on the web intensely since its discovery. Initially,
there were weekly new pictures of it from the biggest telescopes in the
world. The Hubble people took pictures in October of 1995 and had them on
the web in a few days. Then about May 1996, the good pictures ceased to be
posted. The Hubble pictures ceased even sooner. There were recent pictures
from smaller and smaller scopes, or they were heavily processed or done in
false color. I knew they were hiding something. When the quality of the
pictures fell below what I could get for myself with my 10" telescope and
CCD imagers, I knew I had to act. This is when I decided to check out the
comet for myself."

And from the October-November 1995 NEXUS magazine:

"NEXUS received some e-mail from (WmTm) on the 7 August which

"I work at an institution that studies data gathered from a number of
'outward looking' satellites. We first saw Hale-Bopp on July 3rd. We have
determined that it has made a number of course corrections since that time.
Once we confirmed the data that suggested these corrections, government
'spooks' from some unidentified agency seized the data, and our satellites
links were shut down 'for maintenance". Never before have we lost all our
links at once. Our name for the 'comet' was 'Contact 070795B'. Use that name
when asking questions and see the result you get."

(Source: Stan Deyo's WATT's News, no.2, Sep 1995)"


> And why was a distraction needed anyway? We don't have a distraction 6
> years later and still don't see anything.

Just you wait and see if & when something is spotted where the Zetas claim
Planet X to be later this year.

> Think about it Ian.

I'm more puzzled by the reactions of the sci.astro crowd. If Nancy was as
nutty as claimed, and Planet X as unlikely to exist as claimed, why on Earth
are you spending all this hot air on her??

> Clear Skies

Hopefully to go with a Clear Mind?