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Re: OK Nancy, Where Is It?

Bill Nelson ( wrote
> Nancy Lieder ( wrote:
>> survive because they travel with the moving plates
>> of the Earth and experience no more severe a 
>> shock when the plates stop moving than they 
>> would during a Richter 9 earthquake. Where 
>> mountain building ..
> Of course Nancy does not understand that there 
> has probably not been a Richter 9 earthquake in 
> the recorded history of mankind. If there were, and
> it was worldwide, there would not be a building
> left standing anywhere.

Well, not QUITE true, as the pyramids still stand and Stonehenge in the
main, but great cities worldwide tumble and lie in ruins after a major
shift, indeed.  I wouldn't be in one of OUR great cities in late
Spring/early Summer 2003 either.  There is NO explanation for the demise
of the great cities of China, when the ruins are found, or those in
South and Central American, when the ruins are found.  People speculate
that weather affected crops growing in the area, or disease, or warfare,
or whatever caused relocation and die-off.  But it's speculation.  The
LAST thing to be considered is a globe shaking, crust moving, pole
shift.  Too scary... 

    The Earth bears witness to the cataclysms in her past 
    and their periodic occurrence. Beyond her deep wound
    in the Pacific basin, and beyond the drift of her 
    continents, there are scars more palpable by man. 
     - Mountain cliffs, which rise sheer in many cases 
       thousands of feet, represent tearing of solid rock. 
       These stands before mankind, who even make a 
       hobby of scaling their heights, ignored in their 
       deeper meaning. Have any experiments been
       done to determine how much force would be 
       required to tear rock of this depth? None have. 
       The reason lies in the equally deep desire of 
       mankind to avoid thinking about the Earth's 
       past cataclysms. 

     - Beneath the sea in the Bahamas lies evidence 
       of civilizations that went under the waves - 
       highways and highway markers, clearly 
       manmade. These areas have been explored 
       by many fortune hunters, recorded by camera, 
       and published in full color repeatedly. 
       Likewise ancient Incan cities stand so high in
       altitude that the cities could not have been built, 
       much less lived in. Yet the scientific community
       continues to claim that Earth changes happen 
       gently, inch by inch, at the pace experienced 
       during the memory of their current civilization. 

     - Antarctica bears witness to her past as a steamy
       swamp, and likewise the North Seas, where oil
       is extracted. Likewise the temperate regions are 
       scared by what is termed the Ice Ages, where 
       these regions were as snow and ice packed as
       the poles. A clue to these changes lies in the 
       magnetism frozen in hardened lava, which 
       demonstrates that Magnetic North and South 
       changed now and then. Has any adequate 
       explanation been proffered by the scientific 
       community? None has, as all the explanations
       have the Earth's thin crust remaining in place, 
       as the thought that they are standing on a raft 
       that can move on the sea of magma beneath 
       them is too frightening to contemplate.

       ZetaTalk™, Past Cataclysms