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Re: Planet X Question...

Paul Schlyter ( wrote: 
> In Article <>, IndigoCoatl wrote:
>> I'm wondering what is the latest thought concerning 
>> "Planet X".
> The current status is that there's no need for any "Planet X" to
> explain the observed motions of the planets.  This doesn't 
> completely rule out the existence of any "Planet X" of course, 
> but if there is one, it must be either very small, or very distant.  

This is the current cover-up on Planet X, searched out in the early
1980's by NASA and JPL and discovered in late 1983 by the IRAS team, as
announced by a front page Washington Post article on Dec 31, 1983

They've been trying to deny this every since, but the Brits and others
are no longer buying into it, not even publically, anymore.  Recently
discussion on how 13 long period comets all come from this direction,
Orion, has been in science publications