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Re: Planet-X, Why "Look Around"

From: Nancy Lieder <>
> Pity the poor Zetas.  They deal with a press secretary who 
> 1. needs sleep and gets bleary after an 18 hour day, 
> 2. has an IQ one-third the level of theirs, 
> 3. has been educated in human schools and thus is knowledge deficient, 
> 4. has her own opinions.
> I can just see those long slender gray fingers wrapped around their big
> brainy heads - "She's done it again!".  But they usually let me know
> about that right off, and did not do so here, so I went back into the
> sci.astro Usenet postings I made, to see what was said about red light
> bending more than blue light.  Here's what I found:

Btw, I thought this thing was solved already ?!

     * Rainbows are caused by the various particles responsible for what
       humans call color, the color of an object being determined by
       which particle is overwhelmingly present in the flood of particles
       striking the eye. Diffraction of light in water laden air
       following a rain storm results in what humans call a rainbow,
       where the eye perceives light particles sorted out by the degree,
       or angle, of diffraction from one side of the rainbow to the
     * Brilliant sunsets and dawns have been assumed by humans to be
       caused by dust suspended in the air, when of course those dust
       particles are present during the day as well and cause no such
       color variation. The human eye receives in the dim light of dawn
       or dusk an overwhelming flood of light composed of particular
       particles which are more prone to bend toward the gravitational
       pull of the Earth than other particles. Thus the sunset or dawn is
       most brilliant at a point just before or after the full glare of
       sunlight, when the particle flood is strong but is not mixed in
       with competing light particles to the point of being drown out.
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But please, correct me if you were wrong ;-).

This is a Test.

(from my backup file:
 -rw-r--r--    1 joshb    joshb      105266 nov 25 2001 ./save/irc/log2.~12~)

<...(snipped other ppl)>
:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: We predict that long before
	the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: The value of the dollar, in
	ALL countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or
	both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal ONLY if a THING,
	not a representation, is given or received.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: This is a common practice in
	countries where the dollar is falling, and a natural migration as the
	though occurs readily to mankind, the barter system being recent in
	their cultural evolution.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: What will this mean for the
	common man, and what will it mean for the rich?

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: The common man will find they
	are pleased with themselves if they have had the foresight to secure
	goods of value, such as seeds or tools or dried food.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: The value of applicanes that
	are dead and not able to run, even of cars unable to run over broken
	roads, will be zero.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: The value of items that can
	INCREASE worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing
	otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise
	a weed patch, will BALOON.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: The rich will of course whine
	endlessly, and try to convince anyone who will listen that their
	goods will RETURN in value, which it will not.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: We advise the common man, as we
	have in the past, to relieve themselves of stock and jewels and paper
	money that will fall in value, perhaps suddenly and without warning.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: Better to stock up on things
	that will have value, candles and matches, school books and a guitar,
	than what the rich treasure.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT End

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :Followup questions?

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: In that one's skill sets can
	be considered a bartering item, one should examine their own skill
	set by the following exam.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: If you were in the middle of
	a wilderness, ALONE, what steps would you take to survive?

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: What is the FIRST skill that
	you would need, and not have?  Whom do you know that you would have
	about you, in such as circumstance?  What is that skill that they
	possess, that you perhaps could develop?

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: Imagine a group in such
	a setting, having arrived at a land dump where various pieces of
	junk are about and could provide mechanical devices or shelter,
	if ultilized creatively and resourcefully.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: How would YOU go about creating
	a comfortable home for yourself, and others, in such as situation?

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: If you are clueless on how to
	use junk to structure a home, recycle and hook up, then perhaps you
	should work with a junk man, in his yard, and take lessons!

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: What we are telling you is
	that you should mentally put yourself in the setting, and you will
	have no difficulty determining what is useless or most worthwile,
	in a skill set.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT End

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: Monies will be used as a
	medium of exchange, as will jewels and art, in some settings, for a
	brief period of time.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: This will occur until those
	being offered these at bargain prices realize the shift has happened
	WORLDWIDE, and rescue and a return to civilization as they knew it
	will not occur.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: Perhaps months, but more likely
	weeks, and only in limited settings.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT End

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: Skills and services ARE a
	barterable item, but only if of worth as we have described.

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :ZT: If you are an accountant,
	and cannot translate this skill into becoming a tailor or herdsman
	or cook, your skill us useless!

:NancyL!lieder@ PRIVMSG #zetatalk :End ZT