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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Slowing Rotation) 1 of 3

In early 1995, at the start of ZetaTalk, one of the first pieces written
was titled Hearlding, about the sign that another passage of Planet X
was about to occur.  In addition to the utterly accurate predictions on
the weather changes that unfolded since 1995, the Zetas also predicted a
SLOWING ROTATION of the Earth, barely perceptible up until the last days
before the passage, but seconds and minutes, certainly. 

    Yet another sign is a slowing in the rate of rotation, 
    a forerunner of the actual stop in rotation that occurs
    at the moment of passage. As with weather and 
    warming trends, this is at first so gradual and slight 
    as to be arguable. ...  The best way to counter 
    arguments is not to point to the past but to start 
    recording the present. All the trends and signs will 
    only acerbate, ... the Earth gradually slowing in her 
    rotation more and more measurably. If one gathers
    these statistics now, and gathers them yearly, the 
    trends will become a clear pattern. ... Where 
    weather and warmer oceans will be arguable up to 
    the end, a Slowing Rotation is not arguable.
        ZetaTalk™: Hearlding

Accordingly, the Troubled Times team interested in following that advice
started taking quarterly clock recordings, starting on April 15, 1998. 
Shortly thereafter, in January, 1999, the team was alerted by someone
noticing that the observed Moon phases were out of sync with the Navy's
The team didn't know what to do with this information until the summer
of 2001, during the sci.astro debates 
when an intensive analysis of the Navy's Moon phase and equinox
statistics were examined.  Manipulation by the Navy was discovered.  

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