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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Slowing Rotation) 2 of 3

The Navy has recently tried to STOP the practice of inserting leap
in fact.  Where there are variations in the days in a Moon phase, this
is consistent when graphed over a 3 or so year period.  However, where
manipulation of the Navy's published calendars could be done, and the
atomic clock the Navy controls and by which the world's computers sync
could be changed surreptitiously, if the Moon were to arrive later and
later for the Full Moon, eventually arriving days late, THIS would be

An analysis of the Navy's Moon phase date revealed some very odd dips
and reversals    
so to determine if this were normal swings, an analysis over the past
50 years was done.  This revealed that where the Full Moon was coming
LATER, steadily, for some reason in 1984 it sped up, at least on their
    (, specifically:

    "The published date and time (nearest Minute) for Full moons 
    from 1950 to present time (2001) is tabulated at:  
    Because of the amount of variation in data points from year 
    to year, a large number of points was needed to get a good 
    average and see the current trends.
    -  last 52 years (1950-2001) 10.3 sec/year
    -  last 42 years (1960-2001) 13.6 sec/year
    -  last 32 years (1970-2001) 13.8 sec/year
    -  last 22 years (1980-2001) -7.4 sec/year
    -  last 12 years (1990-2001) -22.3 sec/year"

Which the Zetas explained was a PRESETTING of the Moon phase calendar to
DISGUISE the slowing rotation of the Earth, as much as possible, to
allow the coverup of the approaching passage to continue as long as
possible and reduce what governments fear the most - panic in the
people, the mob.

  Sun, 10 Jun 2001 15:45:42 -0500
  Planet X: SLOWING TRENDS, the Zetas Explain

    Until the actual discovery of Planet X in 1983, there
    was great reluctance, due to the possibility of
    discovery, to change the predicated date/time charts.
    The astronomical community is exacting, and should
    the tampered data be discovered, the evidence could not
    be retracted or lost.  But panic reigned, during the
    days when the coverup over Planet X was being hatched,
    and steps were taken that give evidence of this panic.

    1. the predicated full moon and equinox data were
       altered to allow for a slowing earth and to put the
       charts in sync with the actual placement of the
       Earth and Moon - not evident unless one tracks the

    2. leap seconds or fractions thereof were inserted into
       the master clock, to appear to keep the Earth on a
       24 hour day - not obvious unless one is a meticulous

    3. an explanation of why the search for Planet X was
       undertaken in the first place was proferred, as a
       nebulous mathematical adjustment of various
       perturbation factors - none of which makes sense to
       a thinking man since the perturbations still exist, as

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