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Zetas RIGHT Again! (Slowing Rotation) 3 of 3

Much snickering and finger pointing occurred by the Zeta bashing crowd,
and anyone checking their clocks were subject to the usual ridicule for
taking ZetaTalk, and it's 100% accuracy trackrecord, seriously.  Now,
guess what, the scientific community is ANNOUNCING that the Earth's
rotation is slowing down, ascribing this to CO2, Global Warming.  Gee,
you'd think that after a-zillions of years of steamy jungles crawling
with dinosaurs that the Earth would have slowed to a STOP.  Wrong
reason, but right announcement re slowing.  Zeta RIGHT Again! 

 Scientists say Global Warming will cause Earth to Slow Rotation.

    Belgian scientists have identified a hitherto unsuspected 
    benefit of global warming - more time for all of us...... 

 Warming, Lunar Pull Slowing Earth, February 14, 2002 

    Increased human-produced carbon dioxide in the 
    atmosphere, a global warming gas, is slowing
    the Earth's rotation, according to a study by Belgian 
    scientists published in this month's journal
    Geophysical Research Letters. 

    Keepers of the master clock at the U.S. Naval 
    Observatory in Washington generally add a
    leap second to official time every 12 to 18 months 
    to compensate, observatory spokesman Geoff
    Chester said Tuesday. 

So now when the Full Moon comes late, you're going to just wave your
hand and mutter something about CO2, right?  That must be what is
causing the glaciers and polar ice and permafrost to melt, from the
bottom up (whatever happened to heat RISING, and why is the GROUND
warmer?) You're not going to put this together with the ZetaTalk
predictions on increases in earthquakes 
and volcanic eruptions (we've got more active volcanos NOW than ever in
the memory of man), or the ZetaTalk predictions on weather changes
or the ZetaTalk directions on sighting the inbound Planet X, which was
SIGHTED and IMAGED in infrared on Jan 5, 2002

You're going to be a good little dummy, pay your taxes, pay your
mortagage, invest in the Stock Market, trust your President, and not
question the coverup, right?  They're counting on it!