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Re: Imaging Planet X

Michael L Cunningham <> wrote in message
> Steve Havas wrote:
>> Have they posted an image of Nancy's coordinates lately? In the meantime, I
>> will continue to try to get the image myself.
> Why should they? Nancy is only important to herself and about 10 other
> individuals who actually believe her swill.
>> So in astronomy is it widely considered foolish to look for undiscovered but
>> notoriously speculated on objects? Even when the coordinates are given and
>> all one has to do is take and post an image so a comparison can be made with
>> some other images? In the meantime, I will work on developing my critical
>> thinking skills as you recommend lest I be too harshly judged before
>> spring/summer of next year...
> Notorious object? I haven't seen any bulletins from NASA about an inbound
> object. No alerts on the six o'clock news. It's only notorious to you, Nancy,
> and her small group of follows. We counter those posts in this group ONLY
> because Nancy posts here to try and get some sort of credibility for herself.
>> Good for you Dave. It must have been tough to bear when those cultist's took
>> their lives without heading your warnings. I just watched it on the news.
> You are on the tt-watch forum as well as a few others here Steve. How many
> people are planning on selling their homes and property to move to what you
> and Nancy claim is safe ground? Are you selling your possessions and planning
> to move to "higher ground"? Is Nancy going to just say "Sorry" if nothing
> happens?
> You are adding to this situation by claiming to have seen an object at Nancy's
> coordinates. If nothing happens come May of 2003, there are going to be some
> irate people who have packed up and sold everything based on Nancy's claims.
> They'll also be pointing fingers at you for leading them to believe in a pole
> shift.
> Are you going to just shrug your shoulders and tell those who have lost their
> life savings they shouldn't have believed you in the first place? You people are
> playing a very dangerous game.

I would personally prefer to be safe than sorry Michael. I have little to no
doubt that this event will unfold as has been repeatedly warned and
explained by Nancy and her Zeta friends. I think the average reasonable
person can see that the earth is currently experiencing some pretty
accelerated changes with regards to weather, earthquake activity and
volcanic activity to list a few. Science to date has not been able to
satisfactorily address these changes in my opinion beyond the greenhouse
affect, el Nino and so forth and I think many people are beginning to sense
that the current scientific explanations may be lacking.

I sincerely hope that people who are currently investigating if there is
truth to this Planet X thing do so thoroughly, with a clear mind and open
eyes. I believe that the large, unheard public on this newsgroup have been
sombrely taking in the information as relayed by Nancy and that this can
cause them some anxiety as to what the future may hold. I think this public
would appreciate the information of someone posting additional CCD images of
Nancy's coordinates so that maybe they can put to rest some of their anxiety
and uncertainty one way or another.
Steve Havaas