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Re: Imaging Planet X

Bill Nelson <> wrote 
> Steve Havas <> wrote:
>> I would personally prefer to be safe than sorry Michael. I have little to no
>> doubt that this event will unfold as has been repeatedly warned  and
>> explained by Nancy and her Zeta friends. I think the average reasonable
>> person can see that the earth is currently experiencing some pretty
>> accelerated changes with regards to weather, earthquake activity and
>> volcanic activity to list a few. Science to date has not been able to
>> satisfactorily address these changes in my opinion beyond the greenhouse
>> affect, el Nino and so forth and I think many people are beginning to sense
>> that the current scientific explanations may be lacking.
> Even if such an object existed, how much effect do you think that it would
> have on the Earth?  Hint - it is claimed to be far less massive that
> Jupiter, and many times further away from the Earth. That means that any
> gravitational effects will be minute - even compared to the minute effect
> that Jupiter has on the Earth.
>> I sincerely hope that people who are currently investigating if there is
>> truth to this Planet X thing do so thoroughly, with a clear mind and open
>> eyes. I believe that the large, unheard public on this newsgroup have been
>> sombrely taking in the information as relayed by Nancy and that this can
>> cause them some anxiety as to what the future may hold. I think this public
>> would appreciate the information of someone posting additional CCD images of
>> Nancy's coordinates so that maybe they can put to rest some of their anxiety
>> and uncertainty one way or another.
> Oh, we have clear minds and open eyes. The people that don't are those
> that believe the physics that Nancy claims to be true.
> Why would another image be needed? It is impossible for an object to have
> the characteristics that Nancy claims - at the distance that she claims.
> That should be sufficient, all by itself.

How do you explain a person with no astro-physics education describing a
repulsion force several years ago which was categorically denied existing
only to which now is being generally considered as a force which does exist
by NASA although little understood?

How do explain someone who has so accurately described and predicted the
bizarre weather changes, crop failures etc. the world is experiencing now
at a time when any sort of "global warming" was only beginning to be
observed with no accurate predictions of the severity of the changes today?

How do explain someone who has so systematically pointed out irregularities
in the orbit, behaviour etc. of the comet Hale-Bopp without any astronomy
education? I do not understand how a comet can perturb away from a planet
like Jupiter. I do not understand how a comet can outgas, then stop
outgassing as it nears the sun and then begin outgassing again at some later
time all the while when images are being withheld by NASA or the object is
claimed to be not visible due to being hidden in background galaxies.

I do understand that the governments of the world have a penchant for lying
to their populace time and time again. The rhetoric and policy the Bush
administration pumps out clearly indicates to me that the helm is not being
properly steered. When I look out my window over the skies of Vancouver and
see "contrails" of enormous girth criss-crossing the sky with the aircraft
often times flying in close formation, and hearing the official government
explanation, this indicates to me that something is being withheld from the
general population and that whatever it is must be pretty major.

You have come to some different conclusions and I respect that and everyone
else who has come to similiar conclusions based on the evidence and
arguments of both and all sides. I just do not feel they are the right
Steve Havas