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Planet X: IMAGED Again, Jan 19th

A second set of infrared images of Planet X was taken on Jan 19, 2002. 
The Haute-Provence Observatory in France took images of a 5'x5' field
centered on the Zeta co-ordinates given for Jan, 17 2002.  These are
available on the web at the Troubled Times TEAM page:

Please note that the images to be compared to the ESO Digital Sky Survey
must be inverted and rotated 90°.  The object has MOVED from where it
was sighted on Jan 5, 2002 by Open Minded, as indicated on a graphic
I’ve placed at

I note that the object, which Bob May called “noise” has disappeared
from the spot it was on Jan 5th.  It’s now within the circle for Jan
19th.  Humm.  Moving noise.  Noise which comes in a ROUND shape.