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Re: Planet X: Changing the PAST?

In Article Bill Nelson wrote:
> frankie <> wrote:
>> promoting it will have moved on to something else, 
>> assuming that no-one will hold them to their words.  
>> And no-one will, because there is no particular crime in 
>> peddling bunk to the gullible, until you take their money.
>> Y'all haven't given her any money, have you?
> Apparently people have. $50,000 or so prior to last year.

I certainly hope you don’t do your own accounting, Bill, as the $45,000
the nonprofit received in 2000 was NOT to me personally.  The nonprofit
has a CPA firm who does the books and reports to the IRS et al.  Every
expense has to be documented and approved by the Board and is under
scrutiny. I and every other nonprofit board member or officer is a
volunteer, unpaid. What else is new.  

The money I personally MIGHT have made on book sales went to that scam
artist Hazelwood, who took what I and others offered for FREE on web
sites, including the Troubled Times pages which I’m web mistress for and
spend endless time on.  Like the PDF on safe Locations offered for FREE
as a link from the ZetaTalk home page, and the PDF booklet on survival
basics offered for FREE as a link from the Nonprofit home page. 

He collected what OTHERS wrote, including Sitchin, put it into an
“electronic book” and charged $15 each.  Then he spammed e-mail lists
with his advertisments, unrequested.  He offers nothing NEW to the
story, unless you’re concluding that his story about having pole shift
visions is worth paying for.  And why does he want to be out there, with
his hand out, at this time?  Because, as the Zetas state, MANY such
scams of vulnerable people will be attempted this next year.  

    Hazelton is the TYPE of person we have been 
    warning about, during our various self-help 
    suggestions, who will front as someone 
    concerned about your welfare, while stripping 
    you of self-help options and taking your resources.
    Why does he do this?  He has correctly analyzed 
    the situation, along with others of a like mind, 
    and concluded that the hose of money that can 
    be pointed at them due to horrendous anxiety 
    over earth changes and the honesty of politicians
    over the real truth of the matter can be turned 
    on THEM.  Huge profits, in the months leading 
    into the shift, to pad their own confort.  His 
    history is clear, his methods clear, but con artists
    flourish worldwide and throughout time due to 
    their ability to size up the touch, and say just 
    what is needed to open pocket books.  As we 
    have stated, rely on your SELF, those you know 
    and have know for years, and not potentially 
    empty promises.

He went far beyond just taking $15 for a “book” that he in fact didn’t
write, as he was banned from the Troubled Times lists shortly after
arriving there a year or more ago because he was just soliciting $$,
saying he was willing to invest so all of us there discussing the
possibility of a pole shift and what to do in the event could setup
survival camps, etc.  Read Brent’s story, below, to see the horror of
how far Hazelwood goes.  Then he got himself on the Art Bell show
because his dad is a famous musician know by Bell, so the scam could
reach millions.  You want to look for $$ being collected and mis-spent,
follow the Hazelwood trail, until it disappears into off-shore accounts. 

    From:  Brent <>
    Date:  Thu Nov 8, 2001  8:07 am
    Subject:  Hazelwood Con Victim

    I'm posting this to TT-Watch simply to get the word out, and to help 
    prevent other victims in the process.

    I was the one that got burned by the pyramid scheme that Sol 
    refered to in his post, and yes it was for a relativley small 
    amount of money, $100.00. And as Sol said, we have all 
    been approached by people about these schemes, and did not 
    think they were "monsters". But this is an extreme simplification
    of the whole story. Hazelwood got involved with me over a six 
    month period, at first helping me to find a better ISP than I had 
    at the time. We shared several private emails on this subject, 
    and then we began phone conversations. He is easy to talk to, 
    warm, friendly and seems extremly willing to help. He also 
    began to discuss the urgency of prepareing, and mentioned that 
    he was exploring several ways to make money in order to buy 
    land in the southern part of the U.S., and build a few domes on 
    it for his family. Was I interested? Well, he'd already helped 
    me once...sure, I said.

    He approached me with several schemes in the next 6 months. 
    The first involved and investment of $20,000, but would 
    guarantee a quick return. Sorry...that was way over my head. 
    The next scheme...$10,000 an equally good investment, but a 
    slightly smaller return. Hmmm....sorry, still over my head, but 
    thanks anyway. The next opportunity was ideal. An invitation 
    only investment scheme that only a few people are invited into, 
    and you start at just $100.00. And Brent, I know that your wife
    has just gone through surgery and treatment for Thyroid Cancer, 
    and you have 2 kids in school, but we need to prepare....think 
    of the future.O.K., send me the info, I'll give it a go!

    I got my information packet with full instructions, I was 
    excited, this could work! I got my list of names in the pyramid, 
    and instructions on who I should pay to get the investment 
    rolling. This was a woman's name and address on the in Florida.
    Once I sent her the money, things would start to really happen. 
    I waited......and updated list came in the mail. I 
    called Mark. Oh, that investment scheme just wasn't working 
    out, he was researching others. But his mother got the $100.00
    I sent, thanks. Yes, his mom was the person on the list I had 
    to send my money to first! By the way, was I interested in an 
    off shore investment scheme he had? I haven't talked with him

    I agree that the people on his list are "just a bunch of good 
    people like us who want to survive"....but what will it cost
    them in the long run? Why are we not encourageing them to 
    join OUR group for free information with no fear of ever 
    being charged for the privelege?

    I hope none of those people get burned, but if they do, they 
    can't say they weren't warned....and I don't want to hear any