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Re: From TT, for your Amusement...

In article <a5nhkj$s50$>, josX wrote:
> In article <>, Idon't wrote:
> <snip>
> Hey Idon't, what do you think of this: they banned me from tt-watch,
> de-opped me in their #troubled_times chat group, and banned me temporarily
> in their #zetatalk chat when i asked Nancy to close down "tt" (including
> this `non-profit' bullshit).
> I guess i'm finally kicked out as well :)).
> regards,
> jos

> Live ZetaTalk Chat on Feb 16, 2002
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<snip i was banned here already for asking removal of TT (and probably
 for potentially arguing it is stupid)>

> (NancyL) It's OK, re the Jos thing, to insist that the tt-watch or       <==
>   whatever be pure, focus on the mission (finding the truth) etc. but    <==
>   the issue to remember that WITHOUT tt-watch et al, where would folks   <==
>   GO to discuss?                                                         <==

Nancy, you're an amazing moron. I'm not suprised the Zeta (or the voices
in your head) say repeatedly they haven't chosen you for your intelligence.
"Finding the truth", is that the mission Nancy, is that even your job ?

Where would "folks go to discuss" ? Do you think they need your help setting
up a mailinglist, Nancy, or discussing it on usenet, or wherever?

> (S7L) IMO: I agree, and I can't understand Nancy's explanation either.
> (S7L) Nancy: good point. He's talking about destroying the web-site
>   that he sees as failure.
> (Jurian) Nancy: he's not insisting it be pure, he's insiting the
>   website be removed and the inc destroyed
> (S7L) He brings as his argument that it harms zetatalk credibility
>   because it accepts money
> (Gerard) But this ain't sci.astro btw, this channel .. #zetatalk
>   not #sciastro
> (S7L) This makes zetatalk, in his mind (despite tt inc is NOT zetatalk)  <==
>   something like scam.                                                   <==

More exactly: "look like a scam", which is for all intends and
purposes exactly the same as an actual scam. Perhaps it even *is* a scam,
built around good information (maybe), how are we ever going to find out? 

By believing the persons who would benifit in this potential scam on their
word and on what they write? Strange that i have to point these things out 
...  very strange (and tiring) indeed.

> (CMEL) Isn't that a good argument?
> (Sobra) Perhaps he is just fearfull
> (NancyL) Art Bell (whatever the CIA wants me to say)? Hazelwood's
>   (let me take your $$ and run) spot? Stan Deyo (only the Bible matters)
>   or Whitley Strieber (I don't know nuttin about PX)?
> (NancyL) What they have today is their best opportunity.

What they (CIA/*) have today is a totally braindead Zeta-emissary
who plays right into their own hands by making herself look like a
Cult leader... Or have you become one in the meantime, Nancy, you seem
to like to excersize your power an awfull lot don't you, calling for
votes and apointing "officers" and whatever you call people holding
positions in your power-hierarchy...., holding "board meetings" and having
"vice presidents" and whatever i don't even want to know. 

Have fun Nancy, while it lasts.

> (S7L) This is a bizarre argument. I can't imagine a person who WOULD
>   care about that.
> (IQx) Hehe Nancy
> (NancyL) SteveO, Jos has always felt ZT should can TT,
>   disconnect. However, it IS disconnected, as announces it is two
>   separate entities, etc.
> (IQx) How are you handling the new 'boom' Nancy ? =)
> (Sirgrim) Yea and Hazelwood said on Art Bell that the sun's twin is
>   20 x Sun-Earth distance, he soo smart! more like 18 Sun-Pluto..
> (SteveO) Thanks Nancy
> (NancyL) Many people associated with TT are hot heads, strong feelings, <==
>   and great contributors.                                               <==
> (Jurian) Nancy: he means disconnect as in moving the TT website from
>   the ZT server, onto its own one, not just having a different name :)
> (S7L) CMEL: no, it's not a good argument.
> (NancyL) Our German translator is known to rail at me, periodically,    <==
>   but is a great contributor. I take it with a grain of salt.           <==

Do you take the Zeta's with a grain of salt too ?
ZT, Jos: "thinking man blablabla"
ZT, Nancy: "she was not chosen for her intelligence..."

Makes you think ? ai! doesn't really have all that much effect when you're
a dull person does it.

> (SteveO) Nancy: I have my own experiences with the German
>   translator. he has a bit of a STS
> (S7L) CMEL: I don't want to discuss the reasons here, now. But I
>   certainly do not think a person who reads zetatalk ends up on,
>   a very different-looking site which announces it has nothing to do
>   with zt and then concludes zt ...
> (S7L) Is shit because accepts money
> (NancyL) Vital Earth guy, D. Jones, is another hothead, a Scot, and
>   after he cools off I just pretend he never said all those thing to
>   or about me, and we go on! GREAT contributor!
> (S7L) It might be worse if it REQUIRED money.
> (CMEL) S7L are u sure it couldn't currupt the hole zt quest
> (Free99) Nancy, are we able to see Planet X with an amatuer telescope
>   yet? And if not, when can we?
> (S7L) CMEL: most people never get to the site until much later
> (Jubjub963) How come one of the ZT pages says the moon doesn't rotate,
>   it does.
> (S7L) Hey cool long-period CCD Openminded
> (CMEL) Yes I got got there much later ;-)
> (CMEL) I'm hesitating when I read stuf on TT
> (S7L) There seems to be a few things on the CCD not on the palomar
>   reference, on a first superficial glance.
> (Torbj) I meant this in the flesh... is there a way to listen to the
>   coming planet? As with the sound of Jupiter?
> (S7L) Not at nancy's coords, definitely not magnitude 11, but they
>   are there.
> (S7L) Could be nothing though.
> (CMEL) I still follow Torbj in his/her question
> (IMO) There will be lots of things on a CCD image not on PSS ... see
>   my 60 second CCD that shows Pluto
> (Torbj) Im a his!
> (CMEL) Torbj male or female ?
> (S7L) IMO: correct.
> (NancyL) S7L where the Inc accepts $$, it is SO underfunded and SO     <==
>   exhausts the volunteers who work for nothing that it's a rediculous  <==
>   argument by debunkers.                                               <==

It isn't Nancy, it is a very sound argument, and you fail there, which
means you fail everywhere. Wake up Nancy, you don't have a clue about
how the world works, perhaps it's time you listened to advice from people
who at least have some brains.

> (S7L) Nancy: yes, would be so. Except it can be used for marring,
>   of course.
> (NancyL) It does not stick. We have no salaried folks, and any award
>   for efforts achieved is like 25 cents/hr or less.

I see there is even a benifit! (25 cents/hr). Amazingly
stupid Nancy, but no suprise there, you don't know how to do these kinds
of things, which would mean you would lose big money on it, so people can
see you mean what you say. You're a scam Nancy, a spiritual scam. Right or
wrong, it makes no difference anymore when you fail in being clean. Being
clean is not enough, you must be cleaner than clean, you must be so clean
it hurts the eyes.


> (Torbj) Male
> (CMEL) I saw ... only too late though ;-(
> (Gerard) Just to inform, that when the session starts... that one
>   doesn't talk during the answer, and don't ask unrelated questions
> (SteveO) I will express a great "Thank you" to the TT Crew
> (Zetapal) Wow that gives an interesting question Torbj - do the
>   inhabitants of Planet X have radio technology and will we be
>   able/permitted to recieve any transmissions during the passing?
> (Torbj) CMEL...Carmelita...a woman from Mexico??
> (NancyL) There has been a lot of discussion, early on, about separation
>   of ZT and TT. Of course, ZT came first, and TT is basically based
>   on ZT.
> (Longint) Nancy, the Zetas what exactly say to you, when pointing
>   to/with such circles?
> (Zetapal) Different language/music?
> (CMEL) CMEL = male person from northern europe
> (Torbj) As with me then...Sweden
> (NancyL) Like Hazelwood talking about Planet X : 2003 and saying to
>   someone (as he did in an email I got a copy of) that the public would
>   rather listen to a middle aged man than a woman who talks to aliens.
> (CMEL) Denmark he he
> (NancyL) They'd finally get to "why 2003" and he'd have to say
>   "because the Zetas said so" and he'd be there ANYWAY.

Do you really think so Nancy?
Wow, what an amazingly green person you are. Amazing. They do whatever
they like Nancy, with or without zetatalk.

> (NancyL) So, what's the diff?
> (S7L) Nancy: it's not so immediate and obvious, that's all.
> (Zetapal) Obviously everyone here talks to
> (S7L) Nothing like a picture of alien head announcing it.
> (NancyL) So, TT has on their home page, per votes of the group at
>   that time, contributors, that 2003 is the reason as that is why they
>   were all there.
> (S7L) But yeah. Valid point.
> (CMEL) Nancy could you tell us the agenda for tonight ?
> (Fighterr2001) Am I late?
> (SteveO) No
> (S7L) Yes we might want to start a bit early if that were possible,
>   maybe 5 minutes to 22:00 UTC
> (NancyL) I put in the "separate entities" bit because when I got the
>   PointCom award thingie, Ron Darby said "congradulations to all of us"
>   but it was based solely on ZT
> (S7L) Oh. Think it would be time, then
> (NancyL) Odd fuzzy logic where the line was not drawn. So I drew it!

Wow Nancy, just like that!

> (Spanky) And the PointCom review of zetatalk shafted the site.
> (DavidS) So this radioprogramme with Nancy is right after this
>   irc-session?
> (NancyL) I think allowing argument about whether ZT is real or whatever
>   vs other stuff in the tt-lists is proof that TT is separate from ZT.
> (NancyL) I frankly have no time to read the postings anymore, not
>   for a year or so, really.
> (S7L) Well, allowing the argument is sensible.
> (S7L) People want to have that freedom anyway, to doubt.
> (NancyL) CMEL, the Agenda ...
> (MBRB) Nancy have you seen the yow U.S.A "debate" over Zetatalk, you,
>   Hazelwood and Hoagland?
> (NancyL) WW 3
> (NancyL) 1. Do the Zetas think that Bush and the Israelis will initiate
>   full scale attacks (ie WW3) in order to misdirect public attention
>   and hide the money?
> (NancyL) WW 2
> (NancyL) 1. To what extend was WWII a directed/staged war by the
>   Elites. Did they direct it during the war with behind the scenes
>   manipulations. Was the war meant to exclude Britain..
> (NancyL) 1. Does no one pay attention to places like Mount Weather
>   and linked underground facilities?
> (NancyL) 2. There are many reports of a low humming noise coming from
>   Kokomo, Indiana that has been blamed for several illnesses. Could
>   you ask the Zetas if it is from alien sources, man made or the Earth
>   responding to the approach of Planet X. This affects the entire town
>   and no one can explain it.
> (NancyL) Note: tt-watch comment "We spend time in NM and the Dulce
>   area. We have seen giant fans just sitting out in the middle of
>   nowhere, as well as HUGE dump trucks. The thing about the trucks is we
>   can't figure out where they go, or where they have been. Animal life
>   is the only life around for many many miles. Some say more happens
>   underground in Colorado~NM then above ground.
> (NancyL) Lucy,
> (NancyL)"
> (NancyL) Recent ZT on Indianapolis as Safe Location
> (NancyL) Indianapolis lies on the border between land that will be
>   flooded after the existing poles melt, and high ground.  It has the
>   added burden of the US plans for a carry-on government to be located
>   near Kokomo, which will NOT welcome the taxpayers straggling up from
>   Indianapolis, looking for food or assistance or shelter. Guns will
>   be turned on those who paid for the burrows at Kokomo, and any who
>   refuse to be turned away amicably gunned down without conscience.
>   (NancyL) As an industrial city, with the crop land between itself
>   and Kokomo a mined and dangerous territory and with the crop land
>   to the south under water, any survivors will find they are have few
>   options but to take to floating along the lapping beaches, looking
>   for a hospitable landing. They will not be alone, as survivors in the
>   great Mississippi valley region will likewise be looking for a landing
>   spot, and survivors in higher ground tired of these approaches likely
>   to be a bristly as the US carry-on government enclaves.
>   (NancyL) Also, I have always been concerned about group formation
>   within TT, BIG open door to get tangled in trouble as distraction,
>   for me.
> (NancyL) I finally agreed to the Group TOPIC, where the disclaimer
>   says it all, and where folks wanting to form a group can receive
>   email to THEM, but TT washes it's hands, etc.
> (Free99) What is TT exactly?
> (S7L) Free99: join #troubled_times for talk about that
> (NancyL) Like a bunch of kids, group formation is, with everyone
>   whining and wanting attention and "rights" or whatever.
> (NancyL) A horror.
> (NancyL) I avoid it like the plague.

Then why did you create exactly that Nancy.

>(NancyL) We're at the hour.

ah, here i am unbanned again... after Nancy was able to talk to herself
and convince herself she was right.
My real chatname was btw: jos{ttwatch_ZTchat_banned}.

> (Jos{banned}) Nancy, you must remove troubled-times, the projects are
>   WAY less worthwile than you having more time to answer questions, be in
>   good health, and work usenet, etc. Besides that, it is a big problem
>   undercutting ZT credibility ENORMOUSLY, and it has no value/quality,
>   and is wasting reader's time
> (Free99) Ok, thanks
> (S7L) Jos: there you go again.
> (Gerard) Jos: don't start here or you will be banned again ... please
> (NancyL) Jos, don't worry, I fight this battle well and have for
>   years. Folks NEED TT.
> (Jos{banned}) I was banned for quite some time for my opinion from
>   this chat just now
> (NancyL) Jos, hush so you can be here as your Q is on the Agenda.
> (Jos{banned}) No Nancy, you don't: REMOVE IT!
> (Jos{banned}) ok, i'll be quiet for ZT's sake
> (NancyL) Jos, give me your reasons and concerns offline. I'll respond.
> (NancyL) Ok, we're on the hour, and I'll start. I must leave in 45
>   min for the webcast tonight.
> (Jos{banned}) I already emailed them, and posted them to
>   alt.alien.visitors because I was banned from tt-watch
> (NancyL) WW 3
> (NancyL) 1. Do the Zetas think that Bush and the Israelis will initiate
>   full scale attacks (ie WW3) in order to misdirect public attention
>   and hide the money?
> (Gerard) Jos: stop it now
> (NancyL) ZT: WW 3 will not occur, though there will be THREATS of
>   this endlessly going into the shift.
> (Jos{banned}) Gerard, I already stopped, why don't you stop playing
>   intrusive cop for once
> (IQx) Jos: heh, common =) shh ZT is in Session
<ZT-question/answer stuff>


I've said what needed to be said. Don't count on my advice or help
Nancy/TT. If you're right, you're just the final Cult this earth will
see, the last of the mental blocks thrown over the people. Even if
you will be very succesfull this year with your cult in doing "great
good things" (giving a few people some seeds or whatever), you will
fail miserably by preventing people's freedom and promoting a new
artificial religion and dogmatic system, and ruling a `first community'
as an example of things you don't have a clue about (aparently).

But i doubt you understand these things; in fact, i know you don't
(because you wouldn't have created this "community" in that case,
but left it to the world if and how to react.)