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Re: From TT, for your Amusement...

In Article <a5nhkj$s50$> Josh wrote:
> In article <>, Idon't wrote:
>> Hey Idon't, what do you think of this: they banned me 
>> from tt-watch, de-opped me in their #troubled_times 
>> chat group, and banned me temporarily in their #zetatalk 
>> chat when i asked Nancy to close down "tt" (including
>> this `non-profit' bullshit).
> I guess i'm finally kicked out as well :)).

The Small Kahuna was not banned.  Jan already reported this but I'm
including a check one of our list cops (who are ELECTED by the
membership) did to CONFIRM that.  It was our honor to have Kahuna with
us, for the time he chose to do so, and he's welcomed back anytime.  
I've web wrapped Josh's posting which includes portions of the Feb 23, 2002
Live ZetaTalk IRC Session and his comments, which make some very good points
as all Josh's posts do.  This from the tt-watch archieves at Yahoo

Date:  Fri Mar 1, 2002  9:36 am
Subject:  The Small Kahuna

The Small Kahuna has not been banned. He is not in the "banned 
members" list. There is nothing in the moderator activity log
indicating banning or removal. In the group activity log is the 
following entry:

2/27/2002 3:37 pm 
Unsubscribe by thesmallkahuna
<> via web

It would appear that he unsubscribed himself. He is free to 
resubscribe at any time.