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Re: From TT, for your Amusement...

In Article <a5nhkj$s50$> Josh wrote:
> I guess i'm finally kicked out as well :)).

Temporarily, Josh, as you found during the chat.  

> (Gerard) Jos: don't start here or you will be banned again ... please
> (NancyL) Jos, don't worry, I fight this battle well and have for
>    years. Folks NEED TT.
> (Jos{banned}) I was banned for quite some time for my opinion from
>    this chat just now
> (NancyL) Jos, hush so you can be here as your Q is on the Agenda.
> (Jos{banned}) No Nancy, you don't: REMOVE IT!

Imagine being a list serve cop in Troubled Times.  You have to hold
discussion to the PREMISE that a global catastrophy, such as a pole
shift, is possible and that the Earth and her folklore give evidence of

   New members should bear in mind that the premise of 
   Troubled Times is that cataclysmic changes are potentially 
   in our future, and that preparation means assuming the 
   worst of what geological and written history tell us. The 
   worst case assumptions include:
   - Travel nearly impossible - bridges down; planes, trains 
     and cars irreparable; airports, roads and tracks damaged. 
   - Communications disrupted with satellites torn out of the 
     skies and phone lines down and dead in any case with the
     power grids down. 
   - Crops difficult or impossible to grow in the gloom, and 
     domesticated animals starving off. 
   - Volcanic ash and fractures from massive earthquakes 
     polluting the ground and surface water with lead. 
   - Existing shelter shattered during the 15 Richter point 
     earthquakes, so homelessness among the survivors
     is acute, along with almost continuous rain during the 
     first few years after the Pole Shift. 
   - Medical and dental care in the hands of non-professionals, 
     with hospitals and clinics unreachable or unstaffed. 
   - Replacement parts unavailable, with the necessity of 
     survivors having to manufacture every type of
     chemical or mechanical part in use. 
   - Traditional food sources being unavailable, so that there
     is no choice but to eat what is at hand.

Now, with such an unemotional matter under discussion, any proof of
which is such a THREAT to the establishment so that we're hearing about
anything BUT the rising sea level and melting poles and activating
volcanoes and utterly unpredictable weather and that infrared blob at
Nancy's coordinates, you can imagine the tone of discussions.  We've got

  tt-watch, which chatters about speculative topics such as 
            the weather.
  tt-forum, which chatters about solutions to the coming 
  tt-social, which chatters about personal adjustments to the 
            changing times.

And the folks over in tt-forum are conscientiously discussing how to
make windmills out of old car parts and on tt-watch are discussing the
absolutly unprecedented weird weather and the folks on tt-social are
wringing their hands and comforting each other, but along comes.

   "OK, lets all agree that Nancy is crazy and none of this makes 
    any sense as to think otherwise puts my tummy in a cramp".

    "I'd like to post my cookie recipes now, all 10,458 of them! 
     In times of stress, we all need cookies!  Here they come!" 

   "My interest here is to make TT look professional.  Trust me.
    Here's serveral rediculous ideas to put on the web that will 
    get you dropped like a hot potatoe by anyone with a brain 
    that cruises by.  I'll get a bonus if you actually buy this and 
    put it on your web site."

   "So where are you'all going when this happens?  I think we 
    need to stick together, right?  Where is the survival camp? 
    Can I invite myself?  How many people are you expecting, 
    6 billion or so?"

Along the lines of the latter, we finally allowed a Group TOPIC where
those interested in forming a group can ADVERTISE, and be the contact,
but Troubled Times makes no guarantees and makes it clear, in the
disclaimer on every page, that this is NOT a Troubled Times function. 
So if you're hearing, ala Hazelwood (who really expected this to be the
BIG money making scam) that group formation is happening, its not
happening in Troubled Times.  Below, the Disclaimer:


    Any person meeting others through postings on this Group
    TOPIC within Troubled Times is doing so at their own risk. 
    Where offering a forum for the exchange of information, 
    Troubled Times takes no responsibility for the outcome of 
    any arrangements made as a result of postings within this 
    forum. Troubled Times is not coordinating group 
    development nor managing groups once formed, nor will 
    it act as an arbitrator in disputes. The individuals posting 
    here within this TOPIC are doing so as individuals. 
    Troubled Times is not responsible for any negative outcome
    of group formation, such as broken hearts, empty wallets,
    rape, theft, confiscation by the government, monitoring by 
    the government, harassment, broken promises, lack of 
    expertise and support, liability due to negligence or crime, 
    or any other adverse situation that may arise. 

    This disclaimer put forth by Troubled Times also applies to 
    ZetaTalk, which supports Troubled Times but in no way 
    supports, advocates, or is involved with any given group 
    that may develop as a result of these group formation