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Re: Regarding Planet X Debate...

Greg Neill wrote in message news:s_if8.18023$
> WebGuy wrote in message
>> So far I have seen that she claims there is a planet way out there beyond
>> Pluto which generates its own heat.  I don't see that as inherently
>> ridiculous.
> If that were the extent of the claim, it would not be ridiculous.
> It's the rest of the 99.9% nonsense that goes along with it that
> makes it absurd.  Did you even make a cursory examination of the
> claims?

I HAVE made more than a cursory examination of the claims and they are
quite extrodinary.  I would think that an advanced civilization, such
as the so-called Zetans would have a far greater understanding of the
world we live in than the current scientific community.  The bias of
scientists, stops them from even considering any of this information.

With what degree of skeptiscism would the scientists of the 1700's
view the possibilty of rocket propulsion or nuclear weaponary.  Or
even the concept of the periodic table of the elements.

Imagine instead of a zetatalk website - something that says 21stcetury
talk that might have been available as a manuscript to people living
in the past millinium.

(go back 1000 years to )
They talk about, air, fire and water are NOT what matter
is composed of.  How flight is possible but how humans are going about
it the wrong way.  How the earth is NOT the center of the universe. 
How the Sun does NOT revolve around the earth.  How the heavens are
NOT a perfect sphere. How the human heart is NOT the center of all
emotion.  How the earth is not flat.  How there is a
landmass...unknown to scientists between China and Europe.   How
sickness is carried by Bacteria. How heavy objects will NOT fall
faster than lighter objects.

(back to the present)

I completely understand the skepticism in this group, the scientific
method and reductionist science does not allow for much in the ways of

However-remember that the above were all assumptions of the status quo
many hundreds of years ago.  How would even begin to describe the
concept of computers and microchips and televisions sets to people of
those time. Aristotole to their time may turn out to be what Neuton or
Einstein is to us today.  I bet we'll be proven just as ignorant in
the the following years. Even if the Zetan view of the world does not
pan out, the possibility of a reality just as extrodinary and
unimaginable may be very, very real.

It has been said that history does tend to repeat itself...