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Re: Planet-X and Poleshifts without ZetaTalk? (Parlous) wrote:

> How viable is planet-x and all this poleshift stuff anyway without
> really quoting anything from the zetatalk website ?
> However, the earth has
> gone through magnetic reversal of the poles, numerous times, because
> of **something**. From what we understand of our Earth's core and
> internals, it is extremely unlikely that a "poleshift mechanism"
> exists internal to the Earth, so *logically* one would consider an
> external reason. 

Where do you get it is extremely unlikely that a "poleshift
mechanism" exists internal to the earth?  If you are referring
to magnetic reversals there is now a modeling/theoretical
basis to explain magnetic reversals "interior" to the earth.


For a description of a couple of the models and the
computing power needed (which has only become
available in the last few years) 
<The rest snipped because of the invalid first thesis>

Can planet X as a planet or brown dwarf exist?  Sure.
Why not?  But the planet X proposed by certain people
has not been proven by one shred of scientific proof.
They either say that scientists are in a conspiracy
against them or misquote scientists as their "proof".

And you seem to be confusing magnetic reversals
with physical pole shifts.  They are quite different.
Apparent physical pole shifts have also been proposed,
where the earth's overlying crustal plates move at rates
greater than usually seen in plate tectonic mechanisms
of spreading and subduction.  These movements are
STILL found to take place over millions of years, not
some instantaneous movement.  If you have data to
the contrary please provide the references.

Greg Muncill
Silver Spring, MD