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Re: Planet X: Changing the PAST?

I M Openminded wrote in message <>
> tholen@AntiSpam.ham wrote:
>> Steve Havas writes:
>>> You guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel! This is the serious
>>> discussion which results from the apparent doctoring of star chart images?
>> What appears to you is irrelevant, Havas.  Until you have proof of
>> "doctoring", all we have is your interpretation of what you see, and
>> I know from prior experience that your interpretations of what you
>> see leave much to be desired.
> In fact, their own posted material shows that the apparent "doctoring"
> was simple a mistake on Steve's part.
> As I have shown in another post, Steve's "Mar 4 DSSII" file has a header
> showing it was from the PSS1 taken in the 1950's, his "Feb 26 DSSII"
> file has a header showing it was from the PSS2 in the 1990's ... he
> simply goofed up when he did his download ... that is why they are
> different ... no alterations, no conspriracy (unless Steve did this on
> purpose and I think he simply goofed).  To see for yourselves (if you
> have a FITS file header reader) L-shift click on the URLs of Steve's
> files and save with a .fit extention.  Then look at the header comments.
>    If you do not have a FITS file viewer, do a web search on "FITSview"
> and download the windows version if you need a FITS file viewer.  To see
> the header, select File|Preview and then select the file whose header
> you want to view.
> Steve and Nancy ... if you are STO you must post admiting your mistake
> since to not do so would leave others with inaccurate information that
> makes it more difficult for them to assess your credibility.  That would
> be STS behavior.
That was my mistake, I did think those two images were both from DSSII and I
apologize for posting differently. Overall, the areas in question on the
NEAT images when compared to those of the SkyView still leave questions in
my mind and I  just hope others out there are looking for themselves and
doing their own comparisons.