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Re: Planet X: Changing the PAST?

In Article <ZrNj8.88058$> Steve Havas wrote:
>> As I have shown in another post, Steve's "Mar 4 DSSII" file 
>> has a header showing it was from the PSS1 taken in the 1950's,
>> his "Feb 26 DSSII" file has a header showing it was from the 
>> PSS2 in the 1990's ... he simply goofed up when he did his 
>> download ... that is why they are different ... 
> That was my mistake, I did think those two images were both
> from DSSII and I apologize for posting differently. Overall, 
> the areas in question on the NEAT images when compared to 
> those of the SkyView still leave questions in my mind and I  just 
> hope others out there are looking for themselves and doing their 
> own comparisons.

Steve went light on his response to sci.astro, in my opinion, as he
mentioned in private e-mail to me several questionable matters re the
NEAT image (and remember that Tholen, on “vacation” for several days
after the Jan 19th image at Haute-Provence was announced, works in
Hawaii where the NEAT program is stationed).  

 1. why does the NEAT image have the Jan 19th spot as being 
    LARGER and BRIGHTER than the faint star above while 
    also not showing up on any DSS image?

 2. why is the NEAT image (Dec 16, 01) that IMO had posted 
    on his site STILL UNAVAILABLE for viewing at the 
    NASA site?

Subject:  Re: DSSII
Date:     Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:09:04 -0800
From:     Steve Havas <>
To:       Nancy Lieder <>

Everything remains the same as to the differences that are being pointed
to between the DSS and NEAT images only that the two images I sent you
(DSSII_Feb26 and DSSII_Mar4) the Feb26 image is actually a PSSII and the
Mar4 image is PSSI. IMO had posted this observation a few days ago and
basically said that I must have made a mistake and that of course there
will be differences between those two images.

I replied and confirmed that they were indeed two different images but
that the areas in question between the DSS images and the NEAT images
still left questions in my mind and that I hoped others were doing their
own comparisons. One of the main differencs is still why the NEAT images
show the Jan 19 spot as being larger and brighter than the faint star
above while not showing up on any DSS images. Also the NEAT image (Dec
16,01) that IMO had posted on his site is still unavailable for viewing
on the NASA site.