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Re: Planet X: Your OWN Mind

From: (Sarah Mc) 
<<Funny how you masterfully took over the TT-watch discussion group, by
allowing Jan to call for a vote, then you sending out the votes, and
writing the options yourself (new, in addition to those asked for by
Jan). Then you mailed them out, only to those peoplethat you felt would
vote in your favor, and put Jan in as a "moderator". When the votes came
back, you counted them, then procliamed that you, Milly and Jan would be
the new "MODERATORS" of TT-watch. In reality, the three of you took over
in a coup, and now edit, remove and ban members who post messages that
you disagree with in their content.>> 

   In a volunteer organization such as Troubled Times, when someone
complains that something isn't being done properly, they are in effect
volunteering/nominating themselves to do the job better.  Since Jan and
I both complained about the disruption to the lists that the current
moderators were largely ignoring, Nancy placed us on the ballot as
volunteers to be new moderators.  Nancy herself was already a moderator
of the lists and was re-elected.  Nine moderators were elected or
re-elected by a simple majority after being nominated or volunteering
for the positions and one has since resigned, so now there are eight
moderators of the tt-lists who work together to keep the lists a safe
place to discuss the premise of earth changes in our near future and how
to prepare and help others prepare.