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Re: Planet X: ZetaTalk ACCURACY

In Article Bill Nelson wrote:
> Nancy Lieder <> wrote:
>>  1. As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole
>>      of the [Planet X], moves north, the crust is torn from 
>>      the core and freed in this way, allows pre-existing 
>>      stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move 
> Your explanations become even less possible as you add
> more detail. Compared to gravity, the magnetic attraction 
> is very small. 

Oh?  What is the largest magnet mankind has that you could point to? 
How far does another magnet have to be, from that magnet, before
escaping the influence?  And note, this other magnet must be FREE to
move, not nailed down, as a planet in space is free to move, rotate,

> Before there could be any "gripping" of the North/South 
> magnetic poles, the Earth and your Px would be ripped 
> apart by tidal forces. 

And what do you base this on?  Experience? 

> To verify that the magnetic force is small - just take out 
> any magnetic compass. Set it on a table top. Does it go 
> scooting off towards the North Magnetic Pole?

An itsy-bitsy compass?  Put this into perspective and size the compass
to a PLANET.  What is the distance one magnet needs to be from another
before it is influenced?  Size this distance between planets, and THEIR
size.  I read from my Britannicas that magnetic influences are based on
an inverse square rule, like gravity.  At what distance would a planet
sized magnet influence another planet sized magnet?