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Re: Zetacult's Site Bias...

In Article <LT_u8.32463$> Magnus wrote:
>... a complaint has been sent by me to Nancy , advising her to 
> either remove posts that include my name, or to supply the full 
> thread (entire discussion, unedited) as this is required when 
> publishing 'public' information in someone elses name. If she 
> does not comply with my wish, I will complain before her ISP!

Nice try, Magnus.  I web wrap MY postings on Usenet, and I don’t think
I’ve EVER responded to one of your posts so have scarsely quoted you.  I
think your postings are garbage, frankly.

Even if I did, copyright fair use allows a quote, especially of
something PUBLICALLY posted so the world can read it, publically posted 
by YOU.  If I quote you, and respond to your quote, then I can put this
on my web site included as a copy of my posting.  

As I include the Message or Article ID of my postings on my web site,
this can be taken to the arhives and the ENTIRE thread researched.  In
fact, Google does this quite nicely.  

Don't thow a fit just because no one comes to YOUR web site, if you even
have one, Magnus, and that you're a nonentity.  Can you display your
stuff on my web site?  Hahahahahahahaha!  No wonder I never read your
posts!  You ARE an idiot!