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Re: Zetacult's Site Bias...

In Article <a9javq$rni$> Bill Nelson wrote:
> Nancy Lieder <> wrote:
>> Even if I did, copyright fair use allows a quote, especially of
>> something PUBLICALLY posted so the world can read it, 
>> publically posted  by YOU.  If I quote you, and respond to 
>> your quote, then I can put this on my web site included as a 
>> copy of my posting.  
> It does NOT allow you to use the quote in a manner that is 
> misleading. That is the main problem I have with your 
> messages on that site. You post a statement by someone - out 
> of context - then append a reply.

Oh please!  Tell this to Limbaugh, or Pat Robinson, or all the ZetaTalk
bashers who have merry with this rule endlessly here on sci.astro
alone!  Not taken out of context?  As in the Hale-Bopp issue, where it
is endlessly repeated that the Zetas said "it's not a comet" without
mentioning the YEAR of the statement?  They said it was a nova on
August, 1995 and the ESO subsequently found that what was being pointed
to, "outgassing" more than a year before it ought, had no comet
emissions!  Then they said on June 17, 1996 that the supposed orbit was
being connected to where a real comet located long before by the NEAT
program, which tracks thousands of dark objects, was due to appear.

Out of context?  Once again, what's good for the GOOSE is not to be good
for the GANDER. You think that NASA has a link to where NASA bashers
opinions might be found, including the ZetaTalk site?  The White House
links to the Bush Watch site?  Is this not out of context to OTHERS
OPINIONS, which is your real complaint.  YOUR opinion, in full, the
jokes, the endless praddle that waters down any thread I start with what
the debunkers hope will hopelessly discourage anyone from following the
thread.  So sorry that a list of relevant postings, for those who wish
to hear what the ZETAS had to say, on the ZETATALK exists!  Tisk. 

The current Earth Changes, predicted with stunning accuracy by ZetaTalk
in 1995, are no joke.  The fact that an infrared object was sighted and
imaged at the coordinates given by ZetaTalk months and even years
earlier is also stunning and no joke.  The implications for mankind, who
is NOT getting the truth from NASA and the Hubble or the White House is
more than immense and life threatening.  It affects every human on
Earth, massively.  Whether they live or die, and if they live the
quality of their life afterwards.  But the agencies paid for by your tax
dollars, and the government that is supposed to be looking out for your
interests rather than Enron interests, or the paid debunkers, or the
self-appointed Shepherd of the Sheep of sci.astro, would rather YOU not
know what THEY know.  Now that's fair, right? 

So I'll do what no OTHER web site does and point to where the readerhip
can read everyone else's opinion. 

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