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ZetaTalk Bashing: Cuts Both Ways

There are two possibilities:

 1. the current Earth Changes and Planet X indicators mean 
    something big is around the corner, and a pole shift will 
    happen in 2003.

 2. it’s all nonsense and NASA tells the truth and the White 
    House loves you and you should just go back to shopping 
    until you drop. 

There’s been lots of discussion about haha on Nancy when it does NOT
happen, speculation on whose going to sue who, etc., but what about the
flip side of the coin?  At what point to you turn to those who have been
working so hard to keep you from even THINKING about the possibility, or
even READING ZetaTalk sci.astro postings without endless deliberate
clutter, or being able to go to your local observatorys and LOOK THERE
without a firm lipped refusal, or being able to GET what the Hubble sees
off the reel instead of once a year like a Christmas present, or being
able to get the newscasters to TALK ABOUT WHY islands in the Pacific are
going under the rising sea level or the weather is so weird instead of
endlessly hearing about Monika Lewinsky or the Middle East, and hold
them responsible for their role in the coverup?

 - When a red object is viewed in the sky, 7 weeks before 
   May 15, 2003, right along the path outlined by the Zetas 
   since 1995?  
 - When the earth stops rotating a week before the shift?
 - When there’s a pole shift and the phones don’t work and 
   travel is impossible?   

And what do you suppose you’ll encounter?  Those responsible in bunkers
with guns pointed at YOU, never mind that your tax dollars probably paid
for this.  The wealthy in enclaves well stocked with food stuffs no
longer available to YOU, as you don’t count.  Chemtrails overhead to
make YOU sick, so you can’t pester those who don’t think YOU count,
should you manage to survive the shift, uninformed as you were. The NASA
elite on their way to Mars, or so they hope.  No phones working and
bridges and transporation down, so you can’t locate those responsible in
any case, much less do something about it.  Just the public end of any
debunking and disinfo operation, the clerks and paid lackeys,
potentially available to take your rage.  But then they’ll whin and say
that they were only doing what they were told, were assured there was
nothing to it, didn’t know, etc.  

The ZetaTalk message is not without validity.  ZetaTalk has a prediction
accuracy track record.  Those who are trying to prevent you from even
thinking for yourselves, debating the issues, being aware so YOU can
make the choices YOU might want to make for YOURSELF and your family,
are not doing you a favor.  They’ve chosen themselves, their comfort,
their paycheck, their place in the Good ‘Ol Boy system, over YOU.  It’s
pretty safe.  Anyone posting in support of ZetaTalk can anticipate
getting flooded with nasy email, their employer getting contacted, their
ISP getting demands that they no long have contact on the Internet, any
and every action to prevent YOU from being able to make your own choices
as to what you want to read, and to sort it all out for yourself. 
Preventing you from doing this is not benign, not just undemocratic, not
just unfair, not just arrogant or with dark motives. 

If ZetaTalk were KookTalk, then why is it considered such a danger?  Nut
cases get ignored. The fact that sci.astro has become a shambles of
frothing noise, deliberately, is not an accident.  This is telling you
something.  WHY do your Shepherds, and their masters, not want you to
read a few posting by ZetaTalk?  

This cuts both ways.