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Question About Zetatalk

Isn't it incredible how much of this news group is dedicated to arguing
about Zetatalk.

I wonder which is more unusual, Nancy's outlandish claims or the thousands
of scientists shouting her down. She has done an incredible job as a little
old lady to create such a stir in the field of astronomy. Of course her
claims are hogwash, but what is even funnier is the amount of websites
created by scientists to prove her wrong!

Why do so many of our greatist astronomers waste so much of their time
attacking Nancy's cult? Is that what the taxpayer wants you to spend your
time doing - arguing with every daft cult that rears its head? It makes the
scientists look as silly as Nancy to the average man in the street - people
like me.

Of course, we live in a free world - differing opinions on science,
religion, spirituality, politics etc is healty isn't it? Does it really
matter if Nancy makes these ridiculous claims, after all only a 100 or so
people worldwide believe her, compared to the millions of people that follow
mainstream science - why then is she perceived as such a threat? Why not
just ignore her, and she'll disappear in 12 months time.

Isn't it time some of our most intellectual brains also became some of our
wisest brains too?