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Re: Planet X: Visible SIZE, Estimate 1

A month ago, I tried to initiate a discussion on size estimates, asking
the SIZE of the object imaged on Jan 5 and 19, 2002 compared to
neighboring stars, and got nada posted on sci.astro except the usual
catcalling from the usual crowd, who seldom if ever address the issues.
I asked, a month ago:

    Please state this size as:
    - a comparison to planet XYZ (visible to amateurs, i.e. Jupiter)
    - a number of pixels in diameter when viewed with
      XYZ scope, or XYZ magnification
    - as large as XYZ star cluster or galazy, or percent thereof.

However, private mail was different.  Thus, once again, in preparation
for the mid-September time frame when the Zetas have promised to deliver
new coordinates, I'll attempt to initiate a REAL discussion of relative
size of the object imaged on Jan 5 and 19, 2001, when compared to
neighboring stars, and how this might extrapolate into size this coming
Fall and Winter, as Planet X approaches passage on May 15, 2003.


Using Robert's Table of Distances, human computation/estimate of the
distance given the Zeta statement that during the 7 years approaching
the passage, when Planet X rapidly approaches the Sun from a virtual
stand-still between its two foci, it picks up speed at an exponential
rate.  Note the negative numbers below are due to the Sun-Pluto distance
being taken from the Sun, and Robert is expressing the distance from EARTH,
which is on the opposite side of the Sun during these last weeks, Planet
X being in the Sun at that time.  We have:

    Weeks   Px        Dist in    Dist in
    to go   Date      S-P Unit   B. mls.

    52      5/7/02    7.593147   27.904
    39      8/7/02    6.68259    24.558
    26      11/7/02   5.2965     19.464
    13      2/7/03    3.1865     11.71
     9.7    3/2/03    2.494       9.1665
     5      4/2/03    1.37176     5.0412
     3      4/16/03   0.83987     3.0865
     2      4/23/03   0.5607      2.060
     1      4/30/03   0.33093     1.216
     0      5/7/03    -.02529     -.0929